Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today is Tuesday

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWell, guess where Elmer dear is--outside--up the hill to where all the controls are that send water to our irrigation system!!!..On his right foot he has THE BOOT THAT HE WORE FOR SO LONG AFTER THE SURGERY.  On his left foot he has a work boot.  What am I to do with him?  He promised he would be careful!!!..PROMISES--PROMISES!
I rec. an email from my very good friend LaVerne Davidson.  I was so excited that I wrote a long one right back.  It disappeared--no where to be found.  Kenneth, do you know where it is???? It has to be some place.  What would you do if this happened to you?
Hi 90's today--100 tomorrow and then hi 90's.
LaVerne said that Howard and Lorna DeYoung's daughter and husband are expecting twins in December--not identical.  It will be their first g.children.  The husband works in SanDiego so of course that is where they live.  They love it there.  We attended their wedding several years ago out at the Fellowship.  She is a school teacher.
Tomorrow is Elmer's last therapy appt.
Bud is helping Gpa so that is good.
There happens to be two g.sons who have not responded with an email.
Until next time.  GG  (Kenneth, where is my lost email?)

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

This Sunday

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons  Yes, this is Sunday and yes, we did attend church, and yes, it was good to be back in church, and yes we were welcomed back and yes, more so by some than by others.  Four responded to the altar call and yes, that was good.   Remember, we had not been --esp. Elmer dear, anywhere except to the doc. office or for therapy for 5 months--yes, for 5 months..
Elmer dear is down for rest and elevation.  He helps me so much--so willing and loving.
Larry called and he is VERY busy--J. is entertaining 40 UPPITY UPS from all over--Boston etc.  and who does J. call on--Larry of course
Helen Mae is a good girl--she wrote to me today,  There is some rain up THAT-A-WAY. 
I think I shall now read and wait for my emailers to tell me about their weekend.
Bud was so funny this am. When we were about ready to leave for church I told him he had to stay home.  He was so very sad and instead of throwing a fit--he does not do that-- he went out by the back door and layed down so that we couldn't get out without him knowing about it. 

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Good news

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsThis has been quite a lovely day--in the hi 80's and of course sunshine all day. 
The best news around here is that ELMER DEAR is getting quite frisky and quite normal etc.  His crutch is standing in the corner and he is using a cane now and then. He is taking over his nomal and usual chores.  This has been "quite a ride"--5 months as of today.  (He is still making the bed!!!) I am geting spoiled again. 
We even went (drove) over a few blocks from here to visit friends that we have made from walking over in the park.  They have a little dog also so Bud was also invited. 
Well, we had a good surprise awhile ago--a call from Honduras.  Lloyd had tried to call Helen on her cell (up at the Cabin but no  answer.) so asked me to call and I did)  He is having a grand time in Honduras--has been there before--is very busy.  The missionary lady who visited Longview recently--stayed with Lloyd and Helen--is back down in Honduras where she wants to die--has breast cancer--they bot the casket today.  They just love that lovely lady.  Her missionary husband was killed in his own plane doing missionary work down there a few years ago. Lloyd said it was warm--89 degees and it rains about every afternoon.
Elmer is able to walk to B. St. more than once a day.  I am telling you--THAT IS A BIG IMPROVEMENT--5 MO.  with no walking.  Of course he walks slowly and carefully and with a crutch or cane. 
We just had a salmon dinner.
Ron came up while we were gone and blew the driveway etc. again.  We came home just as he finished. 
I wonder why some folk do not write to me on the weekends. (Ellen will)
We plan to attend church tomorrow--first in 5 months.  GG

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Fw: I might be busier than you are.

----- Original Message -----
From: Ruby Smith
Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007 12:48 PM
Subject: I might be busier than you are.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsI have the entire world on my shoulders!!!
We are just home from the next to the last therapy appt.  One more next Wednesday.  We would have stopped at THE LARRYS but I understand they are having Co. from Mt. Rainier (he works there and he used to work at Crater Lake).  L & Lloyd are good friends to them.   Mom and Dad and two little boys.  The one boy fell out of their upstairs window a couple of years ago and survived.  They wondered for awhile but he completely recovered--a miracle. 
Next Monday L & L are expecting several folk inc. a Nanny and they will be with them 3 weeks!!!!  I believe the Mother is performing at Britt.  I am glad it is them and not me!!!!  I used to be able to. 
Ethel, thank you so much for the letter and the enclosure.  Why did you do this--but thank you very much. 
There is a bad fire near Helena, Montand. 
Elmer dear just went "down" --not fell down--to elevate his leg and hopefully the swelling will go down.  He is definitely doing better.  Last evening--after it cooled down--we walked hand in hand  out to B. St.  That was his longest walk yet. 
Brian--Ethel wrote this--I hope you will be able to slow Brian down so I won't have to worry about him.  HE IS INCREDIBLE. 
Many hours have passed since 4 am but I managed to stay in bed untll 5:30??????
I mailed my letter to Don today. 
We will have ground sirloin patties today.
I rec. an invitation in the mail today to a 2 day ladies meeting  at HARVEST BAPTIST.  I will not be leaving my DUMPY.  BTW, we have not been to church since THE ACCIDENT. (5 months)  Perhaps Elmer will be able to go this Sunday. 
Bud went with us this am since he would only be in the parked car for about 45 min.  with all the windows open.  I try to park in the shade.  Needless to say he begs to go with us.  You should see him when I tell him he can go but then again you should see his sadness when I say, "You have to stay home".  He understands so much--even when we spell some words --like go etc. 
Enough said.  Need to hear.  Even Helen Mae is vacationing up at THE CABIN with an old friend from Ashland.  gg

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Very very busy.

I have been busy--full steam ahead since 6 am.  You wouldn't notice but I do.Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons
The sun is shining brightly.
We just finished our dinner and it was good. 
We wonder where LLoyd is--with all of the flying problems we hear about on the t.v.--did they make it we wonder.  (Helen thanks so much for the updates)
Elmer dear is better today--more up-beat.  Meeting with Jose Parker and having more xrays etc. and what to expect for the next year or more helped.   Part of the time he leaves the crutch and limps about.  He did elevate today.  He helped me with our dinner.
I colored my hair.
Rose and Jim went to a funeral today for a 94 yr. old man with macular degeneration,  I asked her what he died from and she said--just old age??????
Lloyd's Glacier Park Photos are GREAT.
Ron came up and blew our driveway yesterday and he installed four flourescent bulbs in our kitchen ceiling.
In J. the other evening the "introducer" said about Larry.  Here is Larry Smith and he looks 20 years younger that he really is. 
Larry, I really enjoyed the large photos of Uncle Jim and family. 
Until tomorrow.  gg (Bud is surviving the heat) (Colorado--not a word do we hear)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


We left home about 12:45 for the doctor's assistant appt. (We really like Jose Parker).
There were more xrays--look VERY good--we have copies of all of the xrays now.
Everything is normal--the pain--the stiffness--the swelling etc.  That is probably the way it will be for at least a year.  There was so much damage done.
Dumpy has two more therapy appts.  Ins. covers but the co-pay is $20.00 but when the 12 appts are up the charge is over $100. per treatment. 
So we are thankful that no new damage was done.  He is using one crutch--not full weight bearing. 
Lloyd will be leaving for the church soon where they will all meet and I think they fly out about midnite.
Larry just called.  They were just leaving Ashland with the cousins from Honduras and they had been up to visit Paul and wife. Larry, of course, has a meeting this evening.  He wanted to know about his Dad's doc. appt.
Elmer's last appt. is 6 weeks away--September 5th.
So much for today.  gg (Bud stayed home--too hot to leave him in the car.)
Stay safe, LLoyd. 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe are SO happy Lloyd is home and that poor Helen also made such a successful and late journey when she should have been home in bed.  What a trip they both had.
Thanks, Lloyd, for all the emails--pretty slim picking while you were gone.  ALSO thank you so much for being able to take photos of Don.  My goodness that is really something.  Also my goodness he is so heavy--that is too bad that he has gained so much weight.  He used to be tall and thin.   Anyway-thank you so much.  I really appreciate seeing photos of him and the ones of you with him were SO good.  Double thank yous. 
Tomorrow at 1:00 we will again travel to the ORTHOPEDIC CLINIC.  I surely do wonder what the verdict will be.  (canceled the therapy appt.)
I cut my hair today.
In the 90's.
Brian, another call for you.  I said that you are out climbing mountains and so she asked if she could talk to your wife and I said that she was out running a TRIATHOLON (?SP) and she said, OH.
It has now been 5 mo. since the accident.  5 months out of Elmer dear's life.
I called Hazel Carpenter today.  She came home Friday from the Rehab Center after being there 6 weeks with her broken hip BUT she came home with absolutely horrible bed sores on both heels.  Does one call that good care????
I called Alberta Flathers and she is about to lose her mind--doesn't know what to do--husband passed away and it is very difficult to live alone and she is 25 miles from Medford and on and on.  She also had an accident 5 days ago--said a guy ran into her.  She is a nervous wreck--afraid she will lose her license.
Up till today I have not made any personal calls hardly--busy as a 90 year old caregiver. 
Will let you know what the verdict is tomorrow.
Larry called a bit ago--going to a P. Church dealy involving Linda's cousin and husband--missionaries in Honduras.  It seems that L & L are constantly being invited to this and that.  Monday nite they went to a HUGE get-to-gether--much food and fellowship.  I think he said there were about 80 people present. Personal invitations by mail.   Lloyd, he needs and wants to talk to you before you take off again.
Nite and keep in touch and Bud sends greetings.  gg

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Fw: Busy and much excitement

Subject: Busy and much excitement

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWow!
Larry, Nathan and Ceszan (sp) arrived here around 10 am.  Larry came to help us--mowed weeds etc.and many other duties--collected our garbage and took it with him 
I soon left for Win*Co and where I spent $88.00.  That is a big job especially on a hot day.  I rec. lots of thanks and appreciation from Elmer dear and Larry.  Nathan and the little Jap. boy helped carry in gro.  After Larry finished all the jobs here he gave the little boy his English lesson. 
They all left about 2:30 and in another hour we ate our dinner.  Of course I brot a chickn home.  We have not had one for quite awhile because I have not ben shopping at W-Co. 
And now to Elmer dear.  He is in so much pain around his ankle he thinks there must be something wrong.  He canc. his next therapy appt. and tried to move his next Mon. Dr.appt. up.  He will see Jose--doctor's assistant on Wed.--day after tomorrow-- at 1:00--Dr. not available. 
I will now close and wait for responses.  gg 

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

We are home.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsYes, I have been busy.  Elmer dear is not up yet.  I arose at 6 and since MY PATIENT was not able to attend church.  Yes, he started hurting more later in the day yesterday.  His ankle is still very tender today---so he is still resting and I have been very busy--ran the dishwasher--ran the washing machine--took Bud out--fed him and I am waiting for Elmer dear to arise--no rush--we will be right here.  I am a little concerned that the ankle area is so tender and painful.  He sees Dr. a week from tomorrow. He has about come to the conclusion that he will not be doing any heavy work in the future--at least at this point. 
So we heard from Lloyd last evening--mostly questions re Essex.  Next-- soon he will fly to Seattle and then to Portland--arrive home Monday afternoon and take off Wednesday with men from their church for Honduras--help with a church.  I think he to be gone 10 days.  It is good he has a good wife who works away from home all day and keeps the house and yard up while he is gone.  (when it isn't raining)
To be in the 90's all week.  
I plan to visit Win+Co tomorrow.  We are about out of many items--about to starve to death.
Perhaps there will be some news later in the day and you just might send me some.  gg

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fw: Saturday and our warm weather is back prob. for the rest of the summer.

Tammy Fay died yesterday.  We really enjoyed seeing her on Larry King this week.  We knew she did not have long to live.  We just hung up from a long 1/2 hour conversation with Lloyd.  He had been in Essex all day so he was full of questions to  his Dad.  It was all about Essex and he did ask about Larry and I told him that I read today that Larry is a Celebrity in Jacksonville.  This was from a lady who had just moved to J. from Frisco and before that from France.  She and her husband visited J and couldn't wait to move there.  She will be teaching French.  She said she heard right away about Larry.  Kenneth, my computer is working o.k, now????????  We might attend church tomorrow.  Elmer dear is feeling quite well today but has to be very careful.  Thanks Kenneth, for ideas to help me with the computer.  I also check your blog every day as well as Keith's.  I plan to talk to you tomorrow on the computer.  Nite, GG (Kenneth, what is a chair rail)
----- Original Message -----
From: Ken Smith
Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007 4:15 PM
Subject: RE: Saturday and our warm weather is back prob. for the rest of the summer.

Hi there,  Grandma.


I'm sorry your computer isn't working well,  and I wish I knew how to help.  When I'm down there next time, I'll have to see if I can setup some way to troubleshoot your computer remotely.  But in the meantime, turning it off and back on again isn't a bad approach.


Galena and I were going to go climbing at Rainier this weekend, but it's supposed to be raining there, so we bailed.  Instead, we went to the gym this morning, then ran by the bookstore to buy the latest Harry Potter book, and went to Starbucks to read for a couple hours.  Then we came home and showered, then headed off to Home Depot, to buy a "chair rail" for the baby's nursery.  I've done the initial cutting up of the pieces, but there's some "mitering" that needs to be done,  and I suspect that, oddly enough, it may require a "miter saw" to do it.  I don't have one.  So I'm trying to figure out what to do about that.  This is an area where I definitely have not inherited Grandpa's skills.




From: Ruby Smith [mailto:smithruby@charter.net]
Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2007 4:00 PM
To: rose; lloyd; Larry B. Smith; Ken Smith; jjj,; Galena,; Ellen,; brian; helen v,; Keith Smith; Chris
Subject: Saturday and our warm weather is back prob. for the rest of the summer.


 Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe just finished our salmon dinner--and it was good.


We also just talked to a son in and around Glacier Park.  They were headed for Essex--where Dad grew up and Lloyd needed to know what year his  Dad was in the CCC's and was stationed in the Park--one question and his tel. went dead.


My computer is not working just o.k. so I think I will sign off and perhaps it will be o.k, tomorrow.  gg





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Saturday and our warm weather is back prob. for the rest of the summer.

 Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe just finished our salmon dinner--and it was good.
We also just talked to a son in and around Glacier Park.  They were headed for Essex--where Dad grew up and Lloyd needed to know what year his  Dad was in the CCC's and was stationed in the Park--one question and his tel. went dead.
My computer is not working just o.k. so I think I will sign off and perhaps it will be o.k, tomorrow.  gg

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Warming up again

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe just finished our "healthy" funny little meal.  It consisted of beef sandwiches--combination of soups-fresh veggies--v-8 drink--egg nog--ambrosia salad with added fruit--and on and on.
Did you happen to see Tammy Faye on Larry King yesterday.  Wow, she has really failed lately--any day now.  She is still upbeat and testifying.  Her husband and her son were on also.
Rose called again this am--headed to Eastern Montana--Roger did not "show" for breakfast.
I do know how to spell EXPERIMENTING.
Thanks so much Brian for the mail.  You will make a GREAT traveling speaker--all over the U.S. and you will become rich and famous  and you will be known as ELMER AND RUBY SMITH'S SECOND GRANDSON.   (THE OTHER TWO ARE ALSO FAMOUS DUE TO THE FACT THAT THEY ALSO HAVE THE SAME GRANDPARENTS.)
Elmer dear is really hurting today--more this early evening.  He just went down to elevate--not good at all.
Kenneth, perhaps you could get a part time job with the police department--chasing down criminals.  You could work from about 8 until midnite.  And if there was no one to chase now and then you could have a book or two with you to read--Greek or Hebrew.   What do you think?  You have already practiced.
I think it is about time to sign off.  gg
When Larry and Linda were last up to Crater Lake they bot for us a gift--a bottle of WILD HUCKLEBERRY VINAIGRETTE AND A JAR OF CRANBERRY JAM.   ALSO L&L THANKS FOR TAKING US TO RUCH WED. EVENING.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Really busy

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe left at 9 am for J. and the therapy appt.  Elmer continues on improving and on being a good boy.  He does have a small area of the sx site that has not completely healed????  I made a quick stop at BiMart for a few things.  I was going to stop at T.Bird but then decided I will go to Win+Co soon--have not been there for quite a spell.
Bud is a good boy when we take him.  We stopped for gas in Phoenix--a different station than the usual and Bud begged for a cookie but they do not do that.  Bud was a little upset.--cute.
I am ans. the tel. quite often and they insist that we need to sign up with them so we can pay less interest--I always try to convince them WE DO NOT EVER PAY INTEREST.
The best way to double your money--fold it and put it in your pocket.
82 degrees today--no rain and probably none until fall.
Keith, I enjoyed reading about Doug and his experienting with a "lose weight diet".
Well, we attended quite a party last evening.  Larry picked us up about 5:30 and we headed for J.  Jim and Win-Ann had just arrived from Vancouver--on their way So. but to spend the nite with L & L --so they came with us to the party.  (they drove over).  The Pattersons were headed for San Jose for a ramily reunion (and they have a big family--24 g.kids--1 great--one on the way of course. )  Win-Ann is using a cane and talks all of the time!!!  So now to the Pot-Luckout in Ruch--lots and lots of good and tasty food--and we knew most of the people--most are related--decendents from Uncle Ras and Aunt Lena.  So we had good visits and of course they said they could not believe that we are in our 90's.  Linda was so nice and walked with Elmer around the food laden table to help him "load up his plate" and then she went to walk around with Larry--of course he helped himself.   Of course Larry got more family news and history.  (Some of the older folk has gained a lot of weight since last we saw them.) So after getting re-acquainted and much "picture taking" we headed home.
We just hung up from a good tel. visit with Kenneth.  He was on his way home from work.   He saw a good steep hill/trail to climb and he thought it would be good to stop and have a good work-out.  So he parked-climbed to the top--came down --and noticed not too far from his car was a guy with his upper body  "sticking thru" a broken passenger window of a car.  He had one purse and was reaching for another--Kenneth came along and the fellow got out quickly and ran like mad with Kenneth behind him.  Soon he dropped the one purse--the other purse was still in the car--.  Kenneth came back to the car--called 911--a lady cop came--took information--and said she would wait for awhile for the owner.  That was quite an experience for Kenneth.  Then we talked until he arrived home.   We feel quite honored--the first to know about this latest incident. 
More news--Rose called us from Kalispell.  They had quite a day--are sleeping there tonite before they head to Eastern Mt.  She and Jim had visited Don for about an hour.  He was somewhat confused today.  He finally decided she was Rose and recognized "Jimmy".  He mentioned Lloyd visiting and that he was Rose's son.  And there were other confusing comments etc.  From there they visited her brother, Roger.  He was sitting out in the patio when they drove in.  They had a good visit.  Also Rose and Jim went to eat and in walked about three relatives of Jim's who were also on their way to the family reunion.  They are all staying in Kalispell tonite.  Rose is hoping Roger will come and eat breakfast at 9 in the morning. 
Well, I think it is about time to wind this down.  Nite Nite.  GG  (news Colorado??) 

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Change of weather!!!

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWell, the weather has changed!! Some wind during the nite and some rain--which is very good for this dry area.  And it is much cooler.
My Dumpy got up and did his thing again--including the bed making.  I am getting entirely spoiled.  He was so worried when I waited on him so much.  At first he even had his meals in bed--so he has come a long way.  We are encouraged.
I have to check my blog every day.  When I mention to someone--blogging--they do not know what I am talking about and they are young but also they do not have smart and caring g.sons. 
Helen Mae, we really enjoy your emails.  My goodness besides all of the work you are doing at home your social life also keeps you busy.  What day does Lloyd come home?
We have two VERY busy daughters-in-law and that is good!!
Elmer dear is eating his healthy breakfast and it will be late before we eat again--out in Ruch.
We have not heard from Colorado for quite a spell.??????
It is strange to look out and there is no sunshine in JULY?????
I just had a slice or more of cantaloupe--Elmer does not like it so it is all mine (selfish)
Bud and I--as usual--walked out to B. St. before 6 am.
Waiting to hear--from YOU.  gg

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One crutch

Kenneth, I cannot get my little funnies.  I HAVE to have them.  They make me happy.
Elmer dear is better--down--all of a sudden--to one crutch.  He was up this am--without calling him--ready for the day and again making the bed.  He is helping me in the kitchen.  He is a good husband--always so loving,
We left this am for J. and the therapy appt.  Don thinks Elmer is doing much better--sort of all of a sudden.
We are there for 45 min. and then we headed home--stopped at T.Bird for gro. and then on to the bakery for Elmer's favorite bread--and then the P.O. and then home.  Bud was so happy he gets to go. 
Have talked to Larry a couple of times.  Everyone except Larry overslept --up late last nite--Nathan and his brother also stayed all nite with the Japanese boys.  I suppose Nao and her sons have moved into their J. house by now.  Too much excitement for me.
Tomorow we have a "social" dealy to attend.  More about that later.  Larry will pick us up after 5 PM. 
It is SO good to see that Elmer is doing better--sort of all at once. 
We have rec. a couple of sprinkles today--more in other areas and it is MUCH cooler.
This is all that I know. 

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Monday, July 16, 2007

So very busy

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons
This has been quite a day.
First of all--before 8 am--here came Elmer dear (I always close the bedroom door when I come out here at 6 am or so so he can sleep in the quiet)--he was all ready for the day and HE HAD MADE THE BED!!!
So then we went on with our day--fed him his healthy breakfast and Bud also got his breakfast.
BTW Helen Mae--I know why you didn't get a senior discount--need I say more!!!!
Then I called my niece, Rose's sister Jean back in Minnesota.  She is home from the hospital and is not on oxygen.  She thanked me for calling.
Elmer is doing quite well on crutches.  Anyone need a walker--will rent it to you cheap. 
Nao and the two boys arrived safely today.  They missed out on the earthquake--but some relatives live in that area. 
At 1:30 or so I left for my eye doc appt. (once a year) and they are SO busy--I arrived home (dilated eyes--but I have done that many times--drove home one time after eye sx).  Anyway as Dr. came into the room he was looking at my chart and congratulated me on being 90 and said I didn't look nor act like a 90 yr old and the gal with him said the same thing.  They do this to make me feel better!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway he said my eyes are good for at leat 15 more years!!!!  Kidding of course.  My pressure was 18 and it has been this for a long time. 
So I was late getting home --4:30--and Elmer dear had dinner ready to put on the table!!!!!!!!!!  Wow--I am taking it easy it seems.  It tasted so good!!!!
Larry insists that they will pick us up about 5:30 on Wed. to go to a family get-to-gether out in Ruch--pot luck.  More about that later. 
I think I also heard that the Pattersons will be at THE LARRYS on Wed.--so what about that???
I wonder what has happened to Helen Lunde.  I have not had an email from her for ages.  Rose, have you heard from her? 
I think I will watch the news and wait for the news to come flying in--including from 3 g.sons. 
GG  (Bud says to tell you He likes to live here)

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Sunday, July 15, 2007


I was half thru writing to you and it disappeared and I am very disappointed and sad and unhappy etc.
We have not attended church since February.
Today Elmer is doing quite well with the crutches and he is wearing a support for his ankle that the office gave to him.  Perhaps that will dc some of the pain.  (But he is getting a bit frisky).
We really enjoyed Keith's blog,  (I did not think I would or ever could be a blogger.  Thank you Kenneth and also for the little funnies that I add.  I really enjoy them.
Helen Mae, it is so fun/interesting to hear from you.  Thank you.  You will be busy doing Lloyd's work around your place and also emailing for him.  T ' will keep you out of mischief that is for sure. 
Let me see--soon we shall dine on V-8 drink,cottage cheese, fruit,yogurt, sandwiches and veggies and that is enuf for two elderlies. 
We are anxiously waiting to hear from Colorado!!!!
Rose's sister, Jean, lives in Minnesota--is a widow and she is gravely ill--heart--is in the hospital and is on oxygen most of the time-without it it is very difficult to breathe.  She is two years older than Rose.
This should me enuf for a Sunday.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007


[User Made]
Elmer dear has graduated from the walker to two crutches.  He is handling them very well and gets round faster.  Of course the walker was very necessary  but now he is moving on.  He really helped with our dinner which we just finished and it was cubed steak, baked pot,  etc. 
Larry, Joanne called a bit ago and said you will be on channel 12 at 6 and again at 11.  I have been waiting all day to hear and read about your day at Crater Lake yesterday but not a word has arrived.  She also was over in J. today and said that you had a GREAT day with the little Egptian boy. 
Well, I just took a break because Larry called.  He has had two great days but does not have time to even write about them.  He is not getting much sleep--too much talking, traveling and entertaining etc.  Hopefully he will be able to write some of it down soon.  He made 5 trips with the J. trolley today.  When I mentioned that he will be on the local news at 6 and 11 he didn't know a thing about it.  He entetained these many Egyptians yesterday and today. 
Kemper, the Brian Smith's dog was out running with Helen the other day and sidestepped into some bushes and got bitten by a rattlesnake.  Helen heard the rattle just as Kemper hollered.  He came home today after being in the hospital for a week. His legs are still swollen.
In the 90's today.
Nao and her two sons from Japan will be arriving at the Medford Airport Monday afternoon--Larry will pick them up and they will stay one nite with L.& L  and then take up residence for three months in J.  Larry has made all of the arrangements for a house, car, school etc.  They are in San Francisco right now spending some time.  Her husband is a Commercial Pilot--flew the plane they were on.  The oldest boy will be with Larry a lot--he is here to learn English--Larry will make him speak only English.  He made good progress last summer but seems to have forgotten what he learned.
Anxious to hear what Lloyd is accomplishing at Glacier Park. 
Rose and Jim head to Montana this week. They will stay in Kalispell one nite and will visit Don.
I have kept you long enuf.  (Bud is sleeping --full after his supper--even had some cubed steak)

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Friday, July 13, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsSo this is Friday the 13th.
Elmer dear has been using a cane a very wee bit instead of the walker.  That would be so good to dc the walker.
We just finished our "lite" dinner/lunch.
Ron mowed and blew and checked the roof coolers and our irrigation system and on and on..
To be only about 94 this day.
Been awake since 3 am.
I heard on the National news the other day that the Rogue Valley and Medford are the fastest growing areas in the Nation?????????
We have two 67 year old Kids--one is at Glacier National Park and the other one is at Crater Lake National Park.  They do love Parks.  Larry was going with a huge group and half are from Egypt.
Larry, I again today went thru the Smith family album.  What a fantastic job you did!!!!
Rose, again I say thank you for the pictures you sent.  Please, will you again send to me the lovely photo of Jan's family--all dressed up.  Mine disappeared.  Thank you.
Elmer dear is finishing up in the kitchen.  He was down for more than an hour this early afternoon.  His leg swells which is very uncomfortable. 
Kenneth and Keith are about due to send a note or so.  Brian sent news and pictures very soon after arriving home from climbing the mountains. 
And I will be looking for mail from Helen Mae.  (Ellen is always faithful--sends every day)
This is all that I know.  GG

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

One more day makes it 2 mo. and 2 days since sx.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsI had better hurry.  Still warm today.  While I waited in the w.room for Elmer to have his therapy treatment--everyone who came in the door said, "Well, what did you think of the storm last nite?" and I had to say that we do not live in Jacksonville.  Cars even went into the ditch due to the heavy rainfall and the wind knocked down many trees and they lost their power inc. Larry.  Larry did say today that the power came on about midnite.  Phoenix does not get much rain ever. 
On the way home we stopped at T.Bird and bot a few gro.  ( I still need to shop at Win+Co soon--they have more "stuff".)  I also had to stop at the bank and the p.o.
I neglected to tell you that the 2 days that we had the thunder storms--Bud jumped into the tub in Elmer's bath room.  He had never done that before.
Thanks Helen Mae for the newsy emails.  Keep them coming.  We appreciate and know you are so busy.
The therapist put arch supports in Elmer's shoes today to see if that would help with the pain in his foot.  He still gets down at least once a day to elevate for the swelling etc.  He so wants to clean his garage.
Hey, don't eat any dumlings made in China--they have ground up cardboard in the center.  They say it doesn't change the taste.
Thanks, Brian, for the prompt email after coming down the mountain.  The photos are outstanding.  Please keep the family news coming.  Is Chloe "back in school?"
BB, another call for you last eve.--safe drivers ins.--we tell them you are climbing or whatever--will call back in 2 weeks????????????????
Kenneth, I check your blog--looking for new additions. 
I bet Lloyd is missing his emails.  Anxious to hear about Glacier Park.  When I was growing up and we had co. from out of town my Dad always saw to it that they got to visit Glacier Park.  He loved to go to the Park.
Plan to talk to you tomorrow.  GG (blogger)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still hot

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe are still having warm weather--in fact this afternoon the thunder and lightning came rolling in with some rain (Larry said they lost power and had heavy rain).  I think it is overwith now--better than at nite.  Pehaps Bud  will be o.k. by bedtime.
Ellen, since you asked--I am feeling quite fine.  Thank you.
The fellow who flew in the flying lawn chair was from Oregon and he and his wife were on Good Morning America this am.
It is now 8 weeks since Elmer dear's sx.  Still only bearing 50% and his leg swells a lot--still using the walker of course.  Therapy again tomorrow.  He does most everything now for himself and even helps in the kitchen.  We are NOT having fancy meals. He is so anxious to get down in the garage and get it straightened up.  He really needs help--but I am not much help. 
I will go ahead and send this and anxious to hear from just anyone.  Oh, Brian is supposed to return home from mountain climbing this nite.   GG

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Fw: Love this photo of the folks

From: Ken Smith Sent: Friday, June 01, 2007 5:44 PM
To: Lloyd Smith
Subject: RE: Love this photo of the folks

Absolutely. They could have been movie stars. I can totally see why they fell in love.


From: Lloyd Smith
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2007 3:56 PM
To: Ken Smith; Keith Smith
Cc:'Larry Smith'; 'Ruby Smith'; 'Christopher Zornes'
Subject: Love this photo of the folks

Lloyd Smith

146 West Beacon Hill Drive

Longview WA 98632

Cell: 360-749-2037

Hm: 360-636-7343


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Many days have come and gone since May 10th and Feb. 28th

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons Wowee--it is hot--about 105 and more coming up.
We three left home at 9am for the therapy in J.  Still weight bearing at 50%--still using the walker.  He does have one painful area???
So Larry walked down and met us at 10:15 and we headed out for the County Court House.  For some reason our house had never been put in the Rev. Trust which was very necessary.  We just rec. the notice the other day and we wanted Larry to come with us--there are hundreds of offices and what not at the C.House and there is always the ? of where to park and on and on. I am 90 so----He was a big help.  We are so glad the problem has been taken care of  and L & L won't have to worry about that when the time comes.  Larry drove so we hurried home because the Mail Tribune wanted to meet Larry somewhere in J. for an interview at noon.
It was SO hot today and when we got home at noon our two coolers were not working right.  Wow, it was hot in here.  Now we are nice and cool and happy etc.  Ron came up--had to go up on the roof and do some adjusting.  He is a good guy--so anxious and willing to help this elderly couple.  He just called to ask if we are cool enough and etc. 
Lloyd and his friend--both photgraphers--are up in Glacier Park.  When he landed in Kalispell the first thing he did was to look his Uncle Don up and they had a good visit and took pictures etc.  Lloyd called us right after he left the N.Home.  Don weighs about 250--does not stand--legs will not hold him up--in the wheel chair all his waking hours.  He is 86.  I am so glad Lloyd saw Don. 
Watch going thru Phoenix--today Jorene was coming home--going 42 and the speed limit is 35--fine was $135 or so.  Phoenix is absolutely broke--so watch out.  We do not live in Phoenix--live in Jackson Co. 
 Guess I will call this quits for this evening .  gg

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Monday, July 9, 2007

DAY 63

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsElmer dear is doing a teeny bit better each day (we think).  He helps me a lot in the kitchen.  Therapy tomorrow.
WE had a good tel. visit with Brian.  He called as he was on his way to go climbing about 3 mountains  A climber friend will join him tomorrow.  BB will be home Wed. nite.  We had a good visit--talked a lot about his smart Kidlets.  They have many opportunities there in Colorado--their house is in an Association--so there is a swimming pool--5 min. to walk to--play ground etc.  Helen exercises (swims-bike rides-runs- and on and on every day.)
Keith, thanks for taking time from your busy schedule in New York to send a note to GG
Lloyd called as they had "deplaned" in Portland and they were almost home.  They had a great time at the wedding (of  huge people).  He was to fly to Kalispell today and he planned to see his Uncle Don.  Surely hope he took photos. 
BB, I "installed" your successful Mt. Everest account on my blog!!!!
Of course Jose will be coming back.  Among other things he brought his trailer behind his p.up and they trimmed trees!!!! --had 2 huge loads of branches etc.  I doubt that Elmer dear will be doing much heavy work again.  What if he injured his ankle.  I will worry about him.
100 today--then more of the same--.
Bud is a good boy.  He eats and sleeps and protects us and that is about all.  He does think we owe him this bed and board.
Thanks to everyone who inquired about my "illness".
Elmer dear still goes down a couple times a day to elevate his leg because it wants to swell and he does not want it to swell--so there.
Will hear from faithful Larry later.  Nite.  GG

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Fw: I have stood on top of the world!

----- Original Message ----- To: helenator88@gmail.com ;
Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2007 5:45 AM
Subject: I have stood on top of the world!

Most of you know that I stood on the summit of Mt Everest yesterday, so I wanted to let you know that I am safely back in base camp as of this afternoon.

If you hadn't heard that I made the summit of Everest, here are the stats of our climb-

Willie, Tendy Sherpa and myself arrived on the summit at 29,035 feet on Thursday May 24th at 2:45 am. We spent 20 minutes on the summit and then descended all the way to camp II 8000 vertical feet beneath us. A good time from the South Col at camp IV to the summit is 9 hours. Many climbers need 12 hours. Willie, Tendy and I made it in 5 hours 45 minutes and were back at the South Col in 8 hours! Most need 17 hours. It was still early being only 5am so we kept going all the way down to camp II at 21,200 feet arriving around noon.

Although I did not get a view from the summit as it was pitch dark, I was really happy to be one of the few to stand on the roof of the world in the middle of the night! It was bitter cold, maybe -60F with the wind-chill so that was really cool. We tried to slow down by turning down our O2 flows and waiting a little at the South Summit at 2am but frostbite was coming on quickly in those temperatures so we had to keep climbing to stay warm.

This was Willie and Tendy's 2nd summit in only a week. I believe that Willie now has the Westerner record. Willie has 7 summits of Everest now and Tendy has 5. Our summit yesterday was by far their fastest ever in half the time of all of their other summits. They were both really excited with our screaming fast time.

Willie gave me the honor of being the first to step onto the summit. My first thoughts were "I am the highest person on the planet right now!"

The BBC is going crazy with my summit. They filmed me climbing all the way to the summit and on the summit. Their two camera crew's filmed me up to camp I climbing through the Khumbu Icefall for the 7th time, and then Willie filmed the rest with camera equipment they loaned him. Then they waited 3 hours in the ice fall this afternoon with camera's set up so that they could film my return. I guess I just made medical history by having HAPE only 3 weeks ago and then returning to summit Everest. Medical articles are being written as we speak and I guess I am the center of a 4 part series kind of like Everest: Beyond the Limit that will be released internationally in 6-9 months. Discovery Channel will most likely carry it in the U.S. Pretty crazy with all this attention. I have never been a minor celebrity so it is kind of fun. There were a bunch of people waiting for me at the edge of the ice fall. Many told me that they had their radio's tuned in on our progress and when we called down at 2:45 am while standing on the summit that the tears started to flow with their excitement for my success. Pretty cool. We are having a big dinner tonight with the BBC and Everest ER to celebrate.

We were also the last of teams to summit Everest from the south in 2007. The weather closed in behind us. The wind is now howling at 70-90mph on the summit and will for the next week. The monsoon is also now here so it looks like things are done on Everest from the south this year.

I will send out pictures from the top of the world and what it was like for me to fulfill my 22 year dream in the next few days. Tomorrow is our last day in base camp before we helicopter out of here on the 28th to Kathmandu so after the next 16 hours, emails should go to my personal email at brian.everestclimber@gmail.com


Fw: Danny James

> ------ Forwarded Message
> From: Brian Smith
> Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007 15:00:15 -0600
> To: 'Larry Smith'
> Subject: RE: Danny James
> It would be great to see Danny again. Has mom talked to any interested
> groups yet? I am exploring doing a little motivational as a side
career. A
> lot of previous Everest climbers are on the speaking circuit and command
> much as $10,000 per talk. Of course they have been doing it for years
so I
> would be lucky to get my trip paid for at this point but it can be a
> business once the speaker gets good at it and builds his portfolio.
> In fact I met a motivational speaker on Everest. He does one 8000 meter
> peak per year and then makes his living speaking the rest of the year.
> looked at some speakers online and actually found his website. It took
> 3 attempts to make the summit of Everest. He was attempting Lhotse this
> year but I don't think that he made the summit. He was a severe
> which is what made him unique.
> Keith and I are talking about me coming out to Bellevue to speak to
Zango in
> the fall.
> Your Son
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Larry Smith
> Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2007 2:30 PM
> To: bbs
> Subject: Danny James
> Your mother talked to Danny James today at church.
> He wants to come down and hear you when you speak locally.
> His mother will alert him.
> Every day this past month people stop me and want to talk about your
> trip. The glory has not faded.
> Dad
> ------ End of Forwarded Message

Saturday, July 7, 2007

7-7-07--day -also 62

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animations
Surprise-surprise--here I am (but not up to par) but I figured I may as well try this as to sit here and feel so sorry for myself.  Oh, I was so sick from 11 am until about 6 yesterday Elmer kept saying he wanted to call 911 but I DID NOT WANT TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL.  In my 90 years plus 6 mo. I have not been sick very often.  I was SO dizzy and SO sick and I could not open my eyes--to take even a peek made me even dizzier.  Anyway enough about that.  It surely was a big help for Larry to come over and help.
And a bit ago Lloyd called--he went into a closet to call--the wedding is so loud--started about 2 and to continue until about 9.  (Of course he didn't know about my illness) He had taken over 500 shots.  They will leave in the am about 6:45 and catch a plane in Frisco and then home and to leave the next day for Montana. 
Jose and a helper came today--worked hard--much to do--$187.50--will come back--more to do.Jose is a nice fellow and he knows what he is doing.  Before he started in the SPECIALITY meat market in J. he worked in orchards so knows about trees. 
Thanks again, Larry, for coming over--taking time from your busy schedule and thanks for calling, Lloyd.
Rose, thanks for the email and for calling to check on your Auntie.
Ellen (and your sister, Bonnie) are two caring, praying ladies.  Thank you so much.  I am much better.
And Kenneth, thank you for being concerned. 
Helen V (and Chloe)--congratulations on your "run-a thon"--need more family news too. 
Elmer tries to elevate his leg a few times every day to keep the swelling down.  He is doing well today--back in 2 shoes.  Well, right now he is not in two shoes because he just took a shower and is ready for bed.  My care for him is less and less and he gets better and better--but whatever it takes!!.Day 62 is overwith.  Nite Nite.  GG

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