Sunday, September 30, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsMatthias just called and he is jumping for joy.  They just won their football game--28 to 0.  Too bad they have to play on Sunday but he was very happy about winning.  All season they also practice on Sunday--plus other evenings.   Gpa is with him and he said his Gma was home with the other two. 
The Harvest service was good--40 in the choir--the old hymns. 
We are rec. a wee bit of rain now and then and then and now. 
Elmer dear went to church without his crutch--(the crutch was a "bad boy" and had to stay home).
Bud started pouting when he first saw our Sunday clothes--which are not that fancy.  I had not said a thing about him staying home but he is smart and knows what is going on around here all of the time.  We have no life of our own.  He also thought if he stayed in the laundry room--closer to the back door--there still might be a chance of getting to go.  Too smart!!  But hanging out by the door did not help this time. 
I wonder if Brian got to feeling better so he could take the two Kidlets climbing.  Surely he will let us know.
Elmer is definitely better but still has to be VERY careful and he still uses one crutch part time.
Everyone tells him it is not going to be like it was before the break and also that he is 94 plus about 9 months.  But he still wants to climb ladders and do what he used to do.  He started the wood furnace as soon as we ret. home from church--now cozy and warm.
'Till later.  Also need Caedmon to tell us how he did down in Longview.  GG

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The day before Sunday

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsThis is Sat. nite!!!!
The sun has been shining all day--a lovely day.
Of course I run the electric furnace when I get up at 6 and now Elmer starts a fire later.  He started one today about 11 BUT we have not needed it--had to open the doors etc.  He cannot carry too much wood at one time--(too heavy on the ankle) so he is using the hand truck to bring it into the garage. 
While I am at it I left out saying about the R.V. Hospitat that they now have five floors.
We just finished out beef patties dinner--really really good.
Did you hear today about the little 5 yr. old girl in New York or so--severealy mistreated--beaten-thrown against the wall--hit with an electric cord--black eyes and bruises all over her body--tied with ropes--used for a punching bag and on and on--there were 9 children and they were made to mistreat this poor little girl--was also made to eat HOT SAUCE--2nd and 3rd- degree burns--finally someone found her--was taken to the hospital--later died today.  Horrible looking parents--may get 20 years but the lawyer says they are not guilty until it is proven!!
We have just had a quiet day--no news.  Elmer is doing quite well--one crutch part time--took a nap--helped with dinner etc.
Bud is doing fine.
Larry and Linda are being VERY busy with the three Kidlets--school-football--homework and on and on.  I suppose The Shields and the rest will be home about next Friday or so.
Need to hear.  GG

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Fw: 2nd time

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From: Ruby Smith
Cc: GG
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 7:22 PM
Subject: 2nd time

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons We left home a bit after 3 for the Hospital.  That is one great hospital.  They have done major changes.  The main entrance is now where the back used to be--now have stories so far.  The huge and I mean huge--
staff  knows what they are doing and what is going on. 
Anyway we did the paper work right away and in no time IMAGING CALLED him right back practically and they did the Scan quickly and we were on our way home to dinner which I had ready to go before we left home.  Being this is Friday I am sure Dr. Traynor will not be reading the Scan until next week.  I do not know but I am just guessing.
Will let you know as soon as we hear.
I have enjoyed the rain that fell off and on part of the day.
Larry called from where he was waiting for Nathan to finish football practice and then to another school to pick up Matt later.  They are very busy with 3 Kids and their schedules. 
Nite Nite--thanks Brian for the note.  gg

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Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsGPA ELMER DEAR IS BETTER.   I noticed yesterday there was a big improvement--barely using a crutch and walking so much better--faster and guess where he is now--you see we are rec. some MUCH needed rain and Elmer and Bud are downstairs starting a wee fire--first since Feb. 28th.  Of course we used the electric furnace the rest of last winter and thot we would be doing this again but!!!!! everything is looking up around here--just because Elmer is better. 
We will leave about 3:15 for the Hospital for the SCAN.
We have THREE yes that is 3 La Clinicals in this very area--no ins.--no $$$--that is just o.k,--no problem.  The parking lots are always full of nice cars.
I wonder if that lady from Seattle will make it--on her way home from work--ran off the rode into a deep ravine--sat in one position --couldn't move for eight days--might have to amputate a leg--but it is touch and go that she will even live.  When the husband called and said his wife was missing they told him that since she was an adult she could do and go where she pleased.  The authorities took his computer etc. and thot for sure he was guilty. 
Lloyd called yesterday about 3 pm--was sitting in the waiting room at L.A.X.--about ready to "climb aboard".
Thanks so much Brian, for the "sayings" of your Kidlets.  Need more news also.  And also what does the C S U stand for in the TOASTMASTERS CLUB?
Caedmon will not be coming to visit until after Oct. 11 th when he will have some more shots.  His parents will not take him on the plane without his shots which is a good idea.  He will be 2 mo. old.
It is good to hear and see the rain after practically none all summer.
Elmer even mopped the kitchen floor last evening.  That is a first since Feb. for him.  It is SO good to see him getting back to his sweet self.  He was always sweet but I could see he was in so much pain. 
Being we have to leave about 3:15 we will dine after we return home.  (They upset our schedule).  I still wonder and think about the week (a couple of weeks ago already) that Elmer was so sick and so cold--couldn't get warm--even bot an electric blanket and then there were the nite sweats.  I wonder now if he had pneumonia or the flu.--he was sick.
Must dash.  GG

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Thursday, September 27, 2007


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Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 1:45 PM

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe just arrived home from THE THERAPIST.  Elmer will try that for now and he has an appt. for 2 weeks. 
We did not stop at Larrys because he is teaching today and tomorrow and ? if Linda was home and we needed to stop many places on the way home.
Also stopped at BiMart and then T.Bird then at an Ace Hardware for an 8 Ft. F. Bulb for Elmer's work area downstairs--then of course the P.O.
There was a message on the ans. machine saying Elmer's appt. tomorrow had been changed from 11:30 to 4:00 and we are not happy about that.  This is for the Scan at the Hospital.
I loved the pictures of The Rebs that were sent yesterday.  Clara is/was about the happiest person I have ever known --lovely lady and she has a lovely daughter. 
A 42 year old R.N. just gave birth to her 9th child.  The entire family was in the car as they traveled to the Hospital--didn't make it--born in the car with everyone helping!!!!!!!!!!!!1  They looked like a such a lovely and happy family.   The next to the new baby is also a baby!!!!
Elmer dear walked better yesterday as we walked to B.St.   He said he had a good nite.  He wore the boot all day yesterday.
BB, thank you so much for the email--so cute about the KIDLETS.. Tell Helen she is a hero for taking care of the family etc.. etc. 
I must start dinner now--Elmer is already in the Kitchen helping.  Bud is helping also.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe just finished our salmon dinner (and it was good).
Mid-afternoon and while Elmer dear went down for his nap I decided I needed to do something about making some C.C. Bars (make it into bars instead of cookies--cookies take longer).  Then I prepared the salmon-rice etc. 
Kenneth, thank you for your almost daily emails and the photos of a certain little boy (who is coming to visit us).
On his way home from work yesterday Ron stopped at a veggie stand and bought us several large tomatoes--good.  (He will never ever take any money for what he buys or what he does for us.
Kenneth, for some time now my SCROLL does not work--irritating while writing an email.
Thanks so much to the g.sons who are so concerned about Gpa and his lung scan.
Goodbye to Lloyd again as he leaves tomorrow am for Argentina.  Be very careful, Lloyd, and come home safely.  Helen, I know will send us emails and news.
The other day when I talked with Jeanette Oeser she said the Co. where she works threw a BIG party celebrating her 10 years working for them and they gave her a watch.  She also gave a very good report on her children and g.children.  They are all doing well--several are attending or have graduated from college. 
Elmer and Bud are outside walking a bit.  Elmer walks very slowly--so unlike him--he wants to go down in the garage and start cleaning and discarding but I do not think he can.
I think that now I shall go out for a little walk with the "TWO GUYS"
Nitey nite.  GG

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

car etc.

A few statistics;;Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons
Our Olds is 13 years old and only has 32,449 miles on it.  We have been North and South many times but went with either The Larrys or The Lloyds.
Elmer weighed 122 at the Hospital--including clothes and shoes.
The Hospital called to see if my Patient was still alive and how was he doing??
The R.N. at our Primary Doc. office called and she said the Dr. was concerned that Elmer might have pneumonia and wanted him to go to the Hospital and get a chest scan--looking for pneumonia--they thought he might have it and not know it.  Elmer told them he feels fine.  Someone had  looked at his xray and said he might have pneumonia?????  Elmer insisted he is fine--just the ankle is all that is painful. 
Don, the therapist in Jacksonville will see Elmer this Thursday at 10:15--just to talk first.  The Dr. at the last visit did order 6 more weeks of therapy if Elmer wanted it. 
My friend, Ellen, in So. Ca. also thinks Caedmon is so cute and she also thinks he is laughing in that one picture of him with his Mom.  

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Awake since 3 am--up at 6 and soon the dishwasher and washing machine were busy.
It was too dark to walk at 6 so did later.
Elmer dear is now eating his cream of wheat breakfast--and he had "quite a good nite".
To be 80 today.
Kenneth and Lloyd, thanks much for the photos.  Caedmon is growing.  I still like the one of him laughing.  And Lloyd, that barn photo is outstanding.
Keith, what in the world are you going to do with Kaity "when the time comes to date?" Oh my goodness.  Surely you will go along??
I really really like my EMOTICONS.  Thank you again, Kenneth.
We had meat yesterday so we shall have a lighter meal today.
Well, until I hear from YOU I shall read for a bit.  gg

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from the Hospital

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsSecond time today. 
R.V.Hospital is a great and kind and well-run hospital.  Everyone is so kind and helpful. (We have been there often enuf in the past few years to be experts on knowing.)
We were due at 11 am--arrived a bit early and they started the paper work right away.   The Dr. was scheduled to start at 12 and he did.  In about 1/2 hour Elmer was back in his room--looked almost normal but of course he was cold.  They brot heated blankets before and after the sx. 
Soon the Dr.  (we both really like him) and explained everything.  Elmer's throat seems to be normal and they did not have to stretch it.  Elmer could have left soon but they could not get his oxygen up and his heart was not beating enuf.  The nurses were wondering and worried--they even wondered about a pace-maker???  Elmer has always checked his pulse etc quite often and he knew he was doing o.k,  So after they worked and worked--of course they thot he should check with our regular doc. --but Elmer knew he was doing o.k.  but they insisted that if he had trouble to dash to the E.Room.
Valet parking like I said before is wonderful!!
I hurriedly made our dinner--meat patties--baked spuds-tomatoes-corn-cooked broc. and carrots--pumpkin pie-drinks (non alcoholic).  We are full.
I think Bud's appetite is growing!!!  He had to stay home today--not happy about that.  But he knows as soon as we say "You have to stay home today" and he gets so unhappy.  But you should see and hear when we say "You get to go with us today".  Oh my goodness--too smart he is.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

sunday & we are home

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsIt is Sunday and we are home. 
Harvest is having a very special speaker--to start at 9am--start again at 10--then a huge picnic ON THE GROUNDS--barbecued meat etc. supplied by the church--others to bring side dishes--enuf for your family and 4 others!!!  Well, we couldn't fit into all of that so we are home.
Tomorrow we visit the Hospital before 11--out patient care--will "put him out".
Before I went to sleep last nite I decided I just might make a crustless pumpkin pie in the morning  so---Keith's beautiful KITCHEN AID MIXER has just been sitting here screaming to be used.  I have almost forgotten how to bake.  Elmer dear is so careful what he eats--not much pastry--but this is crustless--so it was already out of the oven when he arose and it looks very good--but have to wait to sample.
Where Lloyd and  Helen (are in training--more about that later) are they couldn't use their cell so last early evening they had driven some place to where there was service and Lloyd called us.  They will be home tonite and they are having a great time and learning I guess about "picture taking".  Lloyd already did such a good job.  Lloyd said they have grand facilities and the food is great.  Breakfasts are huge with lots of calories so they do not partake of that.  Helen had brot fruit etc. and that is their breakfast.
Elmer just finished his healthy breakfast--is still using one crutch most of the time.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring forth.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lovely weather

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsElmer went outside to do a small chore--soon he was back and down for a nap--hurting and painful.
Our temp. for the next few days is to be--72-70--77--80.
Thank you Helen V. for the note--always so good to hear from you.
Larry is already to sub sometime next week!!
Bud and I decided to try shopping at Wal-Mart again and this time away we went.
Oh, how I wish Elmer would get well--how long will this go on?  His ankle does not seem to be stable.
For dinner we are having chicken, corn, tomatoes, more veggies etc.
I washed all of Bud's bedding and he would just as soon I don't do that--likes his own smells. He was really interested in "the making of his bed".
Not many emails are coming in.  Are YOU sending?
Have a good Sunday.  gg

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Friday, September 21, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons When I arose at 6 this am and walked with Bud to B.St. I decided I would take my list to Wal-Mart and do a little shopping--so I did!!
About 9 or so away Bud and I went to go shopping down 99.  I had just started barely AND MY CELL RANG (thank you Kenneth) and the lady said that she had just talked to my husband and Dr. Newton's office had found a GASTROENTEROLOGIST by the name of Dr. SCHLEINITZ  (ancestors from Germany)  and the appt. is for 10:30 this very day.  Well I  hurriedly checked out--barely starting on my list and away Bud and I dashed for home.  Elmer dear was ready to leave and away we went.  The Dr. happened to be located in that HUGE Dr. area across from the Hospital.  I had not been in there for years and it is full and overflowing with Dr. offices but we found the right office right away.  The Dr. is a GASTROENTEROLOGIST doctor.  He was very nice and he asked a lot of questions and we will head for R.V. Hospital Monday am--appt. is at 11.  They will do a SCOPE.  So more about all of that later.  The best thing about going to R.V. Hospital is the VALET SERVICE.  There is such a huge parking area --too huge for little OLD ME --etc.  and the young Valets are so kind and helpful. 
The Dr. will look for this and that and cancer--more about that later.
Jeanne, so much has been going on around here that I neglected to thank you for your informative letter.   I always look forward to all of your news and sometimes I have to look for a LONG time but I appreciate the ones you do send. 
Thank you, Kenneth, for the email news and the photos.  That little guy is growing.  I am so anxious for him to crawl--probably at 6 months or so. 
Amber and the bunch leave at 4 today.
Elmer dear did not have a good nite--couldn't find a comfortable place for his leg--some nites no trouble ????? But he was nice and warm with his electric "blanky"
Elmer is so busy right now cutting up veggies and I sit here and type to you.  FAIR?
I had better go and help my Dumpy.  Thank you for the emails you will be sending.  GG

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another day has come and almost gone.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsGood early evening.
Elmer went with me to Win-Co--the first time in about 7 months.  Spent $81.  He seems to be better--using one cane and sometimes not any.   And no nite sweat last nite--the first in about a week.  He really really enjoyed the electric blanket--first nite he has been warm enuf to be comfortable. (piling  on the quilts did not help--Needed heat next to his body.   Mine was on but didn't need it. 
We had a good chicken dinner (Win-Co) and Elmer cut up many veggies and cooked them in the M.W. and then added them to chicken broth=good.  And we had a baked spud--tomatoes--corn etc.--no dessert--except he will eat a fig bar.
Anyway, I do feel better --a bit better--about Elmer.  He is down for a nap right now.  He says his ankle IS NOT STABLE.  But of course he is far from being able to do anything outside yet. 
This Friday at 4 Amber and Richard take off with the P. Church bunch for Honduras--to be gone 17 days.  Larry and Linda's donation to the trip is taking care of the three offspring for 17 days. 
I do not know much of anything so until YOU write this is it.  (Ellen is faithful)--gg

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A bit more

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsElmer dear just got up from his nap.
He is so cold--during the day and it is not cold in the house and he is so cold during the nite especially after he has the nite sweat--has to change jammies--wet--and he is so cold even with the hot pad SO this am he decided that we would go to Medford and buy a heating blanket--bot a queen with dual control--a king would be so large and hang over too far.  So perhaps he will sleep warmer tonite.  I feel so sorry for him--always been so active and able to do anything.  We have not heard back from Dr. Newton's office.  They were also trying to find a throat etc. specialist????  (many years ago we had am electric blanket and he could not stand to sleep under it)
We also accomplished some more things on my list for when we were in Medford.
We were so happy to hear from Loveland today--both Helen and Brian.  Chloe just got over a 6 day episode with the flu. 
Larry called after we returned home--was planning on taking a group of students on a tour.
Soon our other son called.  They were on their way to a photo class or whatever--he will have to tell about it.  They left home this am and went to the school--ate lunch  with Bennett--then visited Katies room.  From there they went to Caedmon's house to view him and hold him and I suppose he took photos--etc.  Then they headed East and N. to attend a photo class/school  or whatever--a gift from Keith. (He will have to tell about it).  They will not return home until Sunday evening. 
Rose just called and we had a good visit as usual.  They are so busy with their own life plus their kids and 
We just had a few sprinkles of rain.
I am sure O>J> will go free.
Bud is so happy when he gets to go in the car.  He would rather go in the car than anything else I do believe. 
Soon I want to give you a better report on Elmer--also if he would only gain some weight.  I try my best.
Thanks for caring.  GG  (he is using the cane today instead of the crutch)

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Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons I am beginning to wonder--WHAT IS NEXT?
My poor Dumpling just freezes all nite (a wee bit better during the day). He has the quilts piled on him--plus the hot pad all nite--but he is still changing his P.J. tops about one or two times during the nite--freezing but nite sweats???
We went in at noon yesterday for the Lab work.  If we hear about it I will tell you.
When Bud and I walked to B. St. at 6 am--it had rained during the nite--but it was dry under all of the trees so the driveway was dry and wet--depending if there were trees.
Yesterday on the way home from work Ron stopped with tomatoes and corn--will never ever accept any $$.
Galena, what a deliteful letter. We are having fun to hear how you two are fussing over your new addition.  That is good--if only all babies could have this good and excellent care.  One thing--just think when you are up feeding that little Precious--for a short while I was up nursing two little " Preciouses"
I wish there was some more news not just O.J. Just ask me--he is guilty--put him away!!!!
Is the War still going full speed ahead?
Waiting to hear from all of the g.sons.
Hopefully there will be better news soon.  GG

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Dr. etc.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWell, we left home at 12:30--home by 4.
Dr. Newton asked many questions.  Ordered an xray of Elmer.s lungs..which took a long time--had to be "worked in".   Dr. hopefully will call tomorrow with results.
Elmer dear weighs 121--shoes and all!!!!!  His blood pressure is always very good--mine is the opposite.  He used to weigh about 148 but that was a spell ago. 
More blood when we came home????
We quickly had a good dinner when we came home--beef meat patti--pot.--corn--tomatoes etc.  tasted good after the long ordeal.
Don't worry--we are doing o.k.  gg (Kenneth, thanks for the note) (Need a close up of the son)

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What is next?

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsIt is a lovely day weatherwise--about 76.
We are waiting for a call from the doc. office.  Elmer needs a referral to see a throat doc. He coughed up some blood this am???
Chris called wondering if it was o.k. to come over for a bit.  So I told him I thot it would be better--hopefully--another day. 
It is so good to see O.J. in handcuffs,
We had a bit of rain late last evening. 
It was DARK this am walking with Bud to B, St. at 6 am.
Larry and Linda attended another barbecue Sun. afternoon.  It is getting to be a habit.  Hundreds were present. 
Brian, need to hear about you and yours there in Loveland.
Meat patties at 4 or so--plus fresh corn and tomatoes etc.
Waiting to hear from the doc. office.  gg 

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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsDue to the fact I sent out so many sad tales--I had better send out a happier one.  Elmer dear is much much better today.  We atttended church--used one crutch--to feel more secure but here at home he is walking without assistance!!! He still has to be very careful because of his knee-- because sometimes it catches and he has to be very careful that he does not fall. 
Kenneth and Keith, you were so kind--worrying about your Gpa and offered to help etc.  Thank you so much.
Right now Gpa is down for an afternoon nap.
And now re his sickness--which started after he ate some peaches--off of our tree--some of them had "bad spots" and were close to the pit--and being he cannot see well he thinks he may have eaten  some bad areas and were too close to the pit and that would be enuf to make him sick.  That sickness lasted about 2 to 3 days and then last nite to top it off he woke up during the nite with his pajamas completely soaked head to foot--had to change--he thinks that was the poison or something leaving his body!!!  Anyway he feels so much better today and now he is down for a nap.
Thank you Kenneth and Keith for the kind emails--offering sympathy and also offering to help.  Everyone has been kind.  Lloyd was going to come down this afternoon and return home tomorrow afternoon but since his Dad is better we said to wait until he is not so busy with his life but we very much appreciated his offer.  He is soon leaving for Argentina and then soon to Mexico and on and on. 
We also want to thank Caedmon for the THANK YOU CARD.  Very well done and much appreciated.  That one picture of him at the Cabin looks like he is really growing and CUTE.
Keith, did you take BB to the Airport today? Need to hear from Colorado.
Larry and Linda picked us up last evening a bit after 6.  Quite an evening we had.  We went to a  WINE TASTING PLACE!!!!..--LOCATED ON HILLCREST RD.    There were lots of people--lots--it was also a fund raiser for buying more land.  There was lots of food (some music we are not used to) and the best  part was the presentation of the award to Larry Smith.  The fellow talked a lot about Larry and what he accomplishes and his parents and his twin brother and then Larry talked which is very easy for him to do and he also rec. a  beautiful gift which he will have to tell you about.  We rec. lots of congratulations for raising such offspring etc. and that we did not look like we were in our 90's.   We left there about 10 and then we came here and visited until midnite.  We had not visited for quite a spell.  Larry is SO busy all of the time.
Lloyd, there was a bad airplane accident in Thailand (where you have been)
Anymore question do you have--just ask. 
gg  (Hopefully Elmer will be able to tolerate at least a wee bit of sugar now--everything has sugar in it. 

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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsGood morning.   Bud and I walked to B. St. at 6--cool.
Elmer dear of course is still in bed--hopefully for at least a couple more hours.  He is so cold all of the time--wears coats etc to keep warm--perhaps because he has lost weight. 
I am still thinking about the delightful tel. call we rec. last evening.  G.son, Kenneth called and we had a LONG visit--talked about lots of things.  They were at the Cabin and were waiting for Keith and Brian to arrive.  They will be there until Sunday.  That will be very nice for the three cousins to have a good visit.  Caedmon got to come too and being Galena was the only girl--she brought a friend.  So we talked a lot about the new Baby and about Gpa--Kenneth is so caring.  I suppose Brian will leave from the Cabin on Sun. as he takes off for home.   And that isn't all --Caedmon is coming to visit us soon--so there.  Thanks so much, Kenneth, for the good tel. call.
Chris, thank you for the emails you take time to write and send.  Gpa said to tell you that YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER.
Later this month Lloyd takes off for Argentina--to be gone a week.
Well, now that my Patient is back using two crutches--up came the scatter rugs--too dangerous--might catch a crutch.  I had them up for several months--put them down--took them up.  No bedspread either--that is just O.K.
We have been having heavier meals--so I think it will be soup today.   We both really like soup.
Larry and Linda will pick us up this early evening.  More about that later.  Trust Elmer and the crutches will do o.k.
Kenneth, why does my blue ink turn pink when it comes out of the printing machine?
Now, I need to know all about the "GOING ONS" at the Cabin and about Brian leaving etc.  Galena might have to write.
Kenneth, thanks again so much for the caring tel. call. 

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Good late afternoon.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsOne more day has come and almost passed and we just finished our dinner.  Elmer ate a little better now than he did this am. 
Kenneth, I am sure you type with blue ink--this is also blue and when I print yours and mine it comes out pinkish and I need to know why!!!!!!
Did you hear about the couple who really wanted children--with medical science--they tried--had twins--wanted more--had twins--wanted more--had 6 this time!!  All of the children are healthy and good looking except one of the 6 has cerebral palsy--very very severe.
Ron and Jorene left early this am for Eugene--to be gone 2 days--Ron is picking up a new LAPTOP. 
Wonder how everything is going in Seattle.  Also what is the latest on Caedmon?
Elmer dear is not doing well.  He has more or less lost his appetite and he cannot put ANYTHING with a drop of sugar in it in his mouth??????  He cannot even swallow it.  I have sometimes been mixing his milk with half Soy and he liked it--now cannot even take a swallow--no sugar  or anything sweet at all!!!! ????
Our weather has turned a bit cooler--had predicted a bit of rain for this afternoon--so far none has arrived. 
Also Elmer is back "in the boot" and is using 2 crutches--not good!!!
Buddy is being a good loyal little guy and there is not a thing wrong with his appetite.  I read that if your dog is fat--YOU are not walking enough. 
I opened the barbershop this afternoon.
Talk to you tomorrow if not sooner.  gg  (Brian what are you doing with your spare time now?)

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Fw: Elmer dear

----- Original Message -----
From: Ken Smith
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2007 11:08 AM
Subject: RE: Elmer dear

Oh,  Grandma, that's worrisome.  I feel so bad for the both of you.  Every night I pray that Grandpa's leg gets better, and it sounds like he's making progress sometimes, but it's sad when it feels like he's going backwards. 


Let us know how he's doing.




From: Ruby Smith []
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2007 10:40 AM
To: Larry B. Smith; lloyd; Ken Smith; Keith Smith; brian
Subject: Elmer dear


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsGood morning.  I am sad and I am worried.  Elmer dear is just not feeling well.  His appetite has about dropped to zero.  He has been eating quite well  but the last few days he is not hungry.  Now it is almost 11 am and he is eating a small bit of oatmeal--a bit of orange juice.  He had already lost a lot of weight and if this keeps up he will be losing more. 


He is back wearing the boot and using one crutch?????


Perhaps he just caught a bug or something. 


We are doing o.k, just thot I would let you know.



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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another big day for BB

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsTo be 82 today--Fall is coming.
This should be a BIG day for BB.  Early this am he was to "talk" to Montreal-Tel-A-viv etc. and then at noon he is to talk to the Zango employees.  Keith is serving everyone lunch--Lloyd is driving up for the occasion--to and fro the same day. 
Elmer dear is up--had breakfast and then there is not much he can do.  Discouraging!  I do feel so very sorry for him.  I try my best to care for him.
No emails this am from Lloyd--he probably left early for the North. 
Larry is so busy all of the time--his unread emails stack up into the hundreds.
Larry just called--walking home--just did a walking tour for some ELDERLYS-- They pd him about $135. 
Dad is already down for a rest/nap?????
I need to hear from BB.  Lloyd will have a report for us.
I will now read or ???  gg

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