Friday, November 30, 2007

Very unhappy--my little guys are all gone and I do not even want to live.

I am so sad--my little people are all gone--where did they go?  No use living.
About 10:15 we started out for Win-Co--long time since we have been there--bot too much--$125.  We were the last one for the checker--she checked out--so we had lots of time and lots of gro.  There was a sweet young lady just ahead of us and she wanted to help us because we reminded her exactly of her g.parents who are in their 90's--in fact her gpa is 94.  So she came around and helped--really wanted to help sack--she did until we suggested she had done enuf and gave us each a hug when she left.  She had a young child waiting for her in the gro. cart.  What a lovely young lady/girl she was .  So we came home and spent a LONG time getting everything taken care of and put away.
Well, yesterday about a bit after 4 PM in drove that lovely couple from J. bringing a good hot pot of leik (sp?) chicken  soup etc. So we had a deliteful dinner and visit.   Then Larry (and E) went to the woodshed to get a load of veneer for kindling. (Elmer just held the lite).  What good help.  But Lloyd this is the veneer --you were cleaning out your woodshed when you moved N. and you brot a pick-up load of it over--all you had--Dad REALLY likes it for kindling.  Thank
 you so much for taking time to bring it over.  So L & L stayed until about 6:30 and had to leave--had a board meeting at 7. 
We have good sons and they have good wives.
Sad in Phoenix.  GG (Bud is a good boy)

Busier than busy


Thursday, November 29, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsDo I look happier--I am.  I awoke with no spasms--well if the spasms were still there I would not have been asleep. I can still feel where the spasms were.  Enuf about me.
SO---we are having homemade dinner brot in later this afternoon.  What a treat that wll be!  So kind of our Jacksonville son and wife.  Larry is teaching today and tomorrow and then he will be THE TOWN CRIER every weekend until Christmas.  Hope we can go over to see him at least once but----??
My goodness, I think that was a close call for John Boorman.  Helen, what year was he born?  Good thing they live close to the Hospital and Lloyd was in there at the same time and neither knew it?????????
Dumb Dumb--speaker of the House--I did not like her before and now???  If you have someone working for you who speaks only Spanish--then you would learn Spanish and they do not have to learn English. Where did they dig that dumb woman up anyway.  Let me know if you like her.  She flies her entire family--lots of in a BIG gov't plane--she says they need the larger plane.  OOFTA.
Helen M., Elmer dear said to tell you THANKS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN for the  Honey Crisp Apples.  I doubt if he will ever want to eat another brand.  He is hooked--talks about them every nite as he eats one in the evening.
I opened the barber shop long enuf for a c.c.
They just found out that CAT(C.T) SCANS CAUSES CANCER.
Need more news.  Lloyd, glad you are being a good boy and are resting and thanks for the oodles of emails.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsI was awakened this am at 4--hurting.  The same spasm that I had in my neck has moved down quite aways--near my hip area when those spasms hit--oh, they are painful--they grab--a larger area than my neck.  Enuf complaining--I must not say more. 
Dr. Newton's office called last early evening saying Dr. Newton had had the xrays sent over and he would be reviewing them and decide who to send Elmer to .  The thing is the xrays show the fractured bone has healed so they have done their job. But his ankle wobbles back and forth--especially on uneven ground.  He also gets so very tired from being up on his ankle very long.  It is very sad.  Dr. DeKorte is a Podiatrist--and they do feet--so what about the ankle.  We have not heard anything today so we do not know what is next.  Around Christmas time is a difficult time to try to get into a doctor (or anywhere else)--vacations etc.
I am so sorry that I send all of these complaints but-----
I am so thankful we can care for each other and Elmer dear is so loving and caring.
Linda, Elmer is now hooked on cornbread.  Thank you.
I only had about 80 emails today (Lloyd is guilty but I am glad I am included)
Helen M., thanks for keeping in touch re. Lloyd's sx. 
Yesterday we looked into the SEATTLE CHOC. BOX and there was only one left--so we cut it in half.  Thank you, Galena.
Jeanne, it is always so good to hear from you--due to the fact that you go into detail and that makes it very interesting.  Thank you.
Larry called this early afternoon.  He and Linda were out and about in Medford. 

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsElmer dear is VERY discouraged re his ankle--wondering what to do next?  This is so unlike him.
Paula White was on Larry King last eve.  She pastors a HUGE church--as far as we could see the audience was completely BLACK. 
I will leave that there-- due to the fact that Helen M. just called.  She was waiting for Lloyd to come down (in his wheel chair) and she was going to let the Orderly help to get him into the car.  We talked with Lloyd a very few seconds--he was hurting--throat for one thing--where they put something down for air.  So we didn't talk but one minute or less.  Helen said the Dr. thought everything went well.  Helen said--no stitches--used "glue" so anyway we will hear more when Lloyd recovers a bit.
The sun finally came out--rained a bit during the nite.
Kenneth, thanks for being a "good boy" for telling us all about Sunday.  That was nice.
Our health ins. is leaving Jackson Co. the end of December so I filled out the info for the new one we will be getting NO REFERRALS and co-pay is five dollars instead of twenty etc.
BTW--Rose called this am and she said that her g.daughter (Joe Fuiten's youngest daughter) Sandi and husband Jay (works at Fuiten's church) and their four  very nice daughters are coming to Jacksonville to see Jay's grandparents--Jack and Betty Bransford (Jack has been in ill health)--attend Calvary--missionaries to Alaska for many years-worked a lot with Clara and Jim Reb.  The young family have reserved rooms at a Hotel. 
Helen V. said that Brian came home from off the mountains at 2 am on Monday--very tired.  She also said that Chloe is an ADVANCED reader--loves to read--does very well in her home schooling--wants to be a Scientist.
I shall now go to the kitchen and see what I can do.

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Monday, November 26, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsSo busy.
First I must tell you about the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. At 6 am when I came out here I could see RED thru the drapes--I thot something was on fire.  I pulled the drapes and there was the red from the left clear around to the right as far as I could see and it wasDEEP and it was HIGH--I have been thinking about it all day.  In 91 almost years I had never ever seen anything like this.
Did Brian make it off the mountain?
We made it to the NEW Dr. Offices--wow--really nice.  The Clinic I worked in is rubble--going to be a parking lot for the new offices.  The new is 2 stories and is anything but crowded.  So first Elmer had a blood test--then a chest x-ray--all of this to see if the pneumonia is all gone?????Did not see Dr. today.
Did Brian make it off the mountain?
Elmer and Bud are down putting more wood in the furnace.
So soon were were preparing our evening meal.  I made the cornbread--Elmer really liked and we had beef patties and sweet pot. and Elmer also had an Irish pot. and veggies etc.  One more day.
Lloyd, that accident you practically saw (I think Amber did) as you were coming home last evening near Centralia was on the national news this am--truck-trailer etc.
We still do not know who we will see about Elmer Dear's ankle.  He should not have to be using a crutch 9 mo. after the accident
Did Brian make it off the mountain?

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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsIsn't my little emoticon cute.  He had to go potty--I am sure it is a boy.
We attended Harvest--but I did almost wish we were up in Caedmon's Church with so many of the family present while he was baptized.  Then they were all going out to eat and by now I am almost sure the ones who live So. of Seattle are on their way home. Anxious to hear.
It is a beautiful sunshiny day.
Elmer dear went down just now for a nap.
The leg with the two owies looks a lot better.  Checked and redressed it this am.  He is using one crutch (for stability-right ankle- most of the time)
I am almost sure Kenneth will tell us all about everything.
We made a couple of stops on the way home from church.
Waiting to hear.  gg

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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWow, we are having cold nites and there are more ahead.  The days are now cool but sunny all day. 
We redressed Elmer dear's owies.  Wow, they look o.k.. but they were bad injuries--one on each side of his left leg.  Yesterday I dashed to the Phoenix Pharmacy to buy more gauze.
I am very glad we are seeing a doctor on Monday am--chest XRAY and hopefully a referral for a PODIATRIST. 
Fay called last evening.  She (like Ethel also) thinks I have been taking good care of their brother.  My goodness, that is my job--but it is encouraging to hear that anyway.
The next day after Linda made such a good dinner--she did not feel well all day. 
Lloyd, thanks so much for all the very good photos you send.  T'was good to see the bunch at Thanksgiving at Caedmon's house.  Wish we could have joined but guess those days are "all gone" forever.
It seems like I am not even worth 2 cents anymore.  This is the way I feel but Elmer dear disagrees.
Bud thinks I am o.k. as long as he gets to go bye bye in the car as often as possible. 
Our neighbors (and their two Poodles) came to visit us this early afternoon.
We plan to attend Harvest tomorrow.
We worked together on making a good soup for our late afternoon meal.  We needed a liter meal after eating so much.
I suppose Brian is up on a hi mountain about now.
Our eldest g.son needs to email us with the latest news. 
gg (I like to leave the gh's etc. out of some words.  I do really know how to spell. ) Larry just called to check on us)

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Friday, November 23, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsIs most everyone recovering from one more Thanksgiving?  I can tell you one thing--we had be best dinner ever.  Linda REALLY went all out and made such a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.  It was absolutely delicious. (ate too much)--she has such a lovely kitchen to work in.  Their house is really really nice.
The sun was out all day yesterday as well as so far today--but--it dipped to 23 last nite.  BOO.
Kenneth, now that Thanksgiving is overwith what is your friend coming up with next?  Christmas already or something in-between.   Tell him I am waiting.
Lloyd called on their way home last nite from Seattle.  They both had to work today.  Traffic was lite so made good time.  He convinced us that they all had a good dinner also.
Larry helped Linda a lot with the serving etc.  He also picked Paul and wife up and then picked us up but going home he delivered The Pauls first so we also went to Ashland and then he came in and SAT AND VISITED A SPELL.   I DO NOT ever want to live in Ashland.  Elmer dear and I were talking a bit ago about when we moved up here in 1946--bot the 8 acres--best spot in the entire Valley!!!!  Still is.  I absolutely love our private location.
Kenneth, from you I need to hear all about yesterday.  Was Caedmon a good boy?  What will he wear to church on Sunday?--a special outfit?  Are Galena's parents staying over for Sunday?  Did you set up extra tables for the oodles of hungry folk?  How many all together?
Brian, need to hear more about your T. Day and your turkey dinner prepared by Helen.  And how the Kidlets are doing?  And how will Everest celebrate his 4th?
I am full of questions and I need the answers. 
I have lots of questions that you all might as well tell me now and I won't have to ask. 

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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsThe sun is shining but it is cold outside.
Up at 6 am.
I keep thinking about poor Galena--what a load but she will have good help.
One year I had 17--including the Senior Rebs and Paul and wife and the rest of our family.  We added on to our dining room table and everyone sat at the same table.  Those days are gone forever.
Larry will pick us up at 2 something.  He didn't think I should drive in case it was foggy.  He will pick up the Rebs in Ashland. 
Elmer dear was to have only a chest xray on this next Mon. am to check if the pneumonia is all gone .  They would just check the xrays BUT he is having so much difficulty with the ankle he telephoned the office yesterday and asked to see Dr. Newton also (primary doc.) to get a referral to see an ankle doc.  WE DO NOT care to see Dr. Veri (did his ankle) again.
Elmer is still using one crutch a good part of the time--for stability.  (Feb 28th) Veri said to "throw the crutches away".
Poor Buddy has to spend Thanksgiving at home all by himself.
Surely everyone is having a good Thanksgiving.  The sun is shining brightly here--no wind--no fog--a good day.
I need to know how your day is going. 
This is Caedmon's first Thanksgiving and he certainly has much to be thankful for.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsTHIS IS A GOREOUS DAY.  WARM AND SUNNY.
There is barely enuf snow on Mt. Ashland to make a snowball.
Crater Lake has a foot.
We are going to dine with THE LARRYS TOMORROW and that will be good.
I heard this am that Denver was rec. snow.
Everest and Chloe have snow also.
Lloyd and Helen, Elmer dear--as he was eating his HONEY CRISP APPLE THIS AM said that the HONEY CRISP APPLE IS THE ULTIMATE IN APPLE EATING.  THANK YOU AGAIN. I will add that Elmer is a very very good judge of fruit!!!
Brian, thanks for the emails--so good to hear from Colorado.  Has Helen recovered from THE RUN?
Rose and Jim will leave late this afternoon (have an appt. first) and will head for Seattle.  All of the folk/family there will gather at a g.daughter's home.
Elmer and Bud are outside.
I think I will go out front and sit on the deck bench in the sun.
Lloyd will have hernia sx on Tues. the 27th.
Waiting to hear.  gg

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Very busy

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsIt is sprinkling a little bit so we do not have to water.  The National news said this am that there was a severe storm coming into Seattle and South to Portland and also to Idaho and Montana.   Has it arrived in Seattle?
This am I took Elmer dear and Bud for a wee ride--to the Bank, Ray's Phoenix Market and the P.O.   So it seems we were busy in the kitchen a good part of the day.  Getting ready to make Rose's SPLIT PEA SOUP-- getting ready also to make pumpkin pies in the am.  Also bot some corn meal so will be making some corn meal muffins--but first I have to get the recipe from Linda and guess where she is--COSTCO--oofta. (Visited with Larry--he said he had been gone all day--took Nathan and Matt--used Amber's vehicle).   We also cooked cranberries--it seemed like we were in the sink all day (not really IN the sink)
Elmer and Bud just went down to start fire in the furnace.  It is about 50 degrees outside. (gives the electric furnace a rest.)
During the nite Elmer's 2 owies on his left leg were getting so painful--he couldn' t sleep so we changed bandages.
The right side of my neck is still not perfect but I can put up with it.  A bit of treatment might do some good.
No school this week.
Woke up to only 42 emails--then more came in and "that is good".
  I Had better sign off.  gg

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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWow--it seems we were gone all day. We left home at 9:30--heading for Calvary Church in J.  The church was packed out--  Many families who attended years ago--many of my relatives from way back to Aunt Lena etc.
The visiting minister was from Springfield, Mo.--VERY VERY VERY good. Outstanding.  Brian Steller and his crew did an outstanding production of everything.  He mentioned Larry's speech that he gave last evening at the dinner.  Over one hour he spoke--surely hope they taped it.  No one knows the church history like Larry does.  We met and visited with many relatives and old friends.  Donna Blue was there (just turned 70)--Dick did not come.  After visiting with so many   after church we four went across to the LITTLE COFFEE PLACE--where we went with Keith and the two Kidlets and L & L.--we four had salad and tom. bisque soup--very good.  Then we departed--L & L one direction and Elmer and I made several stops on the way home--didn't get home until about 4--Bud had been all alone all those hours.
Ron came up a bit ago and blew and blew the leaves--what a mess they were.  I had intended to rake for several days but------. 
I think we will retire early.  gg  (Glad and happy that you are all home safely from Mexico)

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Weather is a mix--sunshine-sprinkles et.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsLarry and Linda just stopped for a couple of minutes.  They had been to Ashland on an errand.  They had had A Continental breakfast at Calvary--then a church service.--GOOD turnout.  Brian Steller and his Staff have gone all out..  Larry has been asked to do several things.  Tonite he is the Speaker at the THEATER DINNER which will be held in the Sanctuary--all pews will be moved out and tables brot in. THEY ARE GOING FIRST CLASS. We plan to attend church in the  am.  The Head Guy from Springfield will be the speaker. 
Carlene and Lorin are here.  Lorin had done a lot of work on the church where they live--East Coast--so the church bot them tickets to come out.  They had wanted to come but they had just been here a few months ago so this is good they got to come.
As soon as I let MY DUMPY out of the house--the OWIES start arriving.  Yesterday a large block of wood rolled down and of course hit E. on the left leg--a huge area that I doctored--well awhile ago here he comes--a large block of wood rolled down and of course hit him in the same leg but a different area.  Huge injuries.    Huge bandages.
L & L didn't stay long--Larry had to work on his speech etc.  Brian had asked him to do many things for this 60th--he and Linda had attended there for so many years.and Larry is so well informed.
I am sort of waiting for a tel. call from Lloyd.  On the way down to Mexico he had called us from Phoenix. Az.  so I thot he might call on their way home.  They will be bringing Kait and Ben back for overnite and then the Nanny will pick them up on Sun. afternoon and deliver them to their Mom.  Keith is staying in Mexico for a bit.
We dashed to the Phoenix Pharmacy this am for our flu shots--very handy--no line. 
Kenneth and Galena just had to have a new car.  Babies now-a-days take up so much space with all the stuff they have to have--so this way Caedmon can have the middle area and the third seat can be for other folk.  I need to know the color of the new car. 
Our little dinner is about ready.
 Talk to you tomorrow if not sooner.  gg  More to follow below:
So Lloyd did call from Phoenix, Az.  They really ENJOYED Mexico--outstanding beach etc.
They will land in Portland in 3 or 4  hours or so.  They do not have the two Kidlets.  Keith has decided to fly home tomorrow so they will fly with him directly to Seattle.  So that is the latest news and there is no news here so until tomorrow GOODNITE.  GG

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Friday, November 16, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsThe late afternoon lite dinner is ready but we will not be dining yet.  Elmer dear did practically the entire procedure.
I took everything out of the pantry drawers and rearranged everything.  My goodness the drawers are more than full--won't be buying any more of that for a long spell.  I didn't know I had so much.  The four large drawers are FULL.
My neck is practically well--still cannot turn my head easily to the right.
Our electric was $130 last month.
Elmer has fire in the furnace.  I turn on the electric when I first arise --(before I arise I should say.)..
I think that bunch down in Mexico are having a bit too much fun.  Why don't Dolfins bite--they have plenty of teeth.  WHY do they like people?
Larry has put in OODLES of hours on the Calvary 60th.
I will be glad when the election has come and gone.
We are rec. a wee bit of rain today.
Hope Keith writes again today.  That was such a good idea he had--to write to his GMA.
Bud is downstairs with Gpa--adding more wood.  He is a BIG help.  gg

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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe decided to go gro. shopping so away we went to Win-Co--lost my list--spent about $20 less that usual.
Meat patties at 4--took them out of the freezer this am. 
Keith, we thank you so much for your ONE LINERS.   It is so good to hear the hi-lites and that the Kidlets are having such a great time.  Now we need to hear about SWIMMING WITH THE DOLPHINS.  Also what are your parents doing?
Elmer dear came in and bagged the gro. and then did most of the unloading of the car and then he went downstairs--moved the saw out of the garage--and sawed up some wood for kindling and then he came up and helped finish up getting dinner ready and then we ate and by then his leg and ankle were really painful. 
Now we are listening to THE DEBATE--oofta.
Did you hear about the man who arrived today in Canada from Poland.  Something went terribly wrong at the Airport.  He could not speak a word of English and the police TAZED him--he died.  His very poor mother had worked for 8 years to save money to bring him    over.   Canada has killed 74 people with tazers--The U.S. has killed over 200 with tazers.
A nice lady called us today from Spokane re an article that will be in the Evangel in Feb,  Our sons sent in to the Evangel--that their parents had been married 72 years etc. etc.  Someone else will be calling for more information.  What did our Sons get us in to?
We are rec. a bit of rain.
Bud is a good boy--loves to eat--sends greeting to you.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I had better write a little something

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons
Elmer dear is "down" for a rest.  He has been very busy downstairs a good part of the day plus he helps me--especially with our dinner--being he is more "picky" than I am--so we work together.  It is difficult for him to be up all day.
Woke up to DENSE fog and then not long until the sun was shining.  Therefore you had to get up early to see the fog.
I helped Elmer bandage his left lower leg--an area where a block of wood tumbled down and of course hit him.
I still cannot make a COMPLETE RIGHT TURN but I surely will say the spasms are gone and also 8 miserable days of the pain and spasms were more than enough.  I did not do any treatment today.
OH, BIG NEWS.  Did you know that Phoenix has a DOWN TOWN--well they do  (This makes Larry ill to hear about downtown Phoenix).  Anyway we will not have far to church on Sunday now or whenever their day is.  DOWNTOWN PHOENIX HAS A MOSQUE--A PICTURE IN THE PAPER--ALREADY THEY ARE COMING--ALL KNEELING ON THEIR PRAYER RUGS WITH THEIR HIND ENDS UP IN THE AIR.  Look it up in today's Tribune--it is a small block building--was vacant.  I am ill over the deal.  Why Phoenix.  We do not live in Phoenix--we live in Jackson Co.  Talent is really really being built up--oodles of new homes and on and on and the management in Phoenix has caused it to go down down.  It seems there is a new manager every month--they fight and fight and the money disappeares so there is no money to do any improvment.  We do have to go thru Phoenix to get home. 
Brian, thank you so much for the photos and the recent emails and on and on.  Now you will have to tell us about Helen's Marathon that is taking place in Tulsa, Ok.  The Kidlets will enjoy that also.  Hopefully Helen will be over the flu.  What a time to come down with that.
Two Key Banks robbed in Medford recently and now one in Shady Cove.  Watch it Helen.
Larry turned down two teaching jobs today--he is more than KNEE DEEP in the Calvary Church's 60th this coming weekend.  We plan to attend Sun. am.  He will also be speaking at the Dinner on Sat. 
Bud sends greetings and to tell you he had a good dinner.    GG

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another day

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsGood morning,
I had a horrible nite but feeling better right now due to the fact--I am on a pain pill every 4 hours--alternating with ice and heat--massaging in-between.  There seems to be a lump on a muscle on the right side of my neck so I am massaging the area.  I am beginning to wonder just what is going on.  No right turns!!!!
The good news is that really horrible storm that hit to the North of us did not hit us.  They warned us it was going to hit.  It did a lot of damage elsewhere.  We had a breeze and a wee bit of rain.
Pastor Croy--pastor of a local Baptist Church died--in his 60's.  Also a Naumes died--prominent local family.
Did you hear of this case--a girl friend kicked the boy friend out of her house--he tried to crawl back thru the CAT DOOR--he suffocated and died.
Elmer dear and THE BUD are downstairs.  First Elmer waited on me--such a dear that he is.
Our health ins. co. is leaving So. Or. so we have to decide on another one and there are dozens. I wish someone would help me decide. 
May you have a good day.  gg

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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsAttended Harvest--they really celebrate Vet. Day.   Very nice and patriotic.
But I wonder why the attendance was way down today.
Talked to Odie Barton after church.  She said (Emma was Connie --B.Nell's daughter --married to Odie"s  so--their  son Jared who was in a horrible accident a few years ago--motorcycle--hit by a car--almost killed--pysically quite good--but memory is all gone--early 20's--anyway the family is bringing a law suit--started last week--it will be on-going for awhile.  Jared had a promising life ahead of him but he has a caregiver 24 hrs a day now.   So very sad.
That nit-wit Obama--running for president--will NOT salute the flag--how could a president not salute the flag???  All the candidates were lined up saluting the flag--he was on the end of the line--just standing there.  (His muslim background--no doubt)
So we came home--had tomato soup made with milk--toasted cheese sandwiches--etc.--all hit the spot.  Then soon Elmer dear went down for a rest/nap.  He is quite unhappy with his ankle--very sad.
Sunshine all day. 
Larry, you need to knock the huge leaves off the roof of your  We are too elderly to
 do that. 
The emails are very very few and far between.  So different than rec. 100 or more a day.
Bud and I just went out to B.St.  Ron was outside so came up for a chat--out at the end of our driveway.  Hadn't seen him for 2 or more weeks.  Said he has been working overtime.  His regular pay is $25 per hour.  He is excited about retiring the 4th of June--his 60th  Jorene is quite a bit younger.  She works at Boise--hard work.
I am still upset about that OBAMA--oofta.
Bud sends greetings and wants you all to send emails to keep me happy. (I do wonder how everything is going down in Mexico.)

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Co. just left.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsLarry and Linda just left 1/2 hour ago.  They had been at Crater Lake all day AND IT WAS STORMY UP THERE.  Lloyd, they had a super turn-out--20 or so--he will tell about it.
We had a bit of rain during the nite--sun all day--and then now for an hour or so it has rained some.
Just a VERY few emails today.  With Lloyd gone for several days and Larry was gone today--but did hear from Ellen and Rose.
Galena, the Seattle chocolates are delicious.  Thank you so much. 
While L & L were here Brian called from the top of a mountain--all alone--bitter cold--19 degrees in his tent.  He was heating his soup.  He had never been up this mountain before.  He had planned to call his parents later but they happened to be here so he got it all done at once. 
I am sitting here with the nice and warm neck pack on.  These spasms are lasting longer than usual.
Rose called today--so busy with forever cleaning her house and keeping her yard perfect!!!
I will now join Elmer--he has a cut-apple ready for me.  He is doing some better.  GG

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday already

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWell, today is Friday--supposed to rain--the sun is shining instead again,
I am still using the warm and cozy neck pad.  The spasms should be gone but they have not said goodbye  yet.
Lloyd called us about 8:30 this am from Phoenix, Az.--they were up at 1:30--they are very excited about the trip.  Lloyd will be the photgrapher and Helen will "take care of finances"--coming in and going out I suppose.  In other words she is the Banker and a good one.
Keith will be arriving with his Kidlets in Mexico today I think it is today.  Those Kids never know where they might be going between the two families--Palm Springs--Hawaii--and on and on.  They are staying so sweet.
Did you hear that the BIG planes are only filling about 1/2 with gas--due to the fact it is so expensive and it costs more to fly with a heavy load.  Some planes just about do not make it to their destination where they will take on another 1/2 load.
Our dinner will be salmon and rice and fresh veggies.  Elmer dear is helping much.
Elmer is doing quite well wearing his Texas Steers--good support--and he is a GREAT support to me.
Elmer also gave Bud a very good bath last evening.  That is always a great accomplishment.
Anxious to hear from Brian re his presentation to Chloe's home schooled friends.  I think Everest has also started home schooling.  The Home Schooled attend school on Mondays so they can associate with other home schoolers.
Larry is so involved with most everything in J. he barely has time to eat/sleep etc.
Need to hear from the the newest GREAT.  gg

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Thursday, November 8, 2007


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From: Ruby Smith
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Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsLloyd and Helen could try going in this boat for Mexico.
It was supposed to rain today but we have sunshine.
Billy Graham was 89 yesterday.  He did not want a party.
I very much remember the Thanksgiving we had 17 to dine with us.
Yesterday we asked Cecelia how she liked her apartment etc. (nice place) and she stated that she hated every minute.  Elmer asked about the meals (they all meet in large dining areas and she said the food (all of it) is HOT AND SPICY--CAN HARDLY EAT IT. Wouldn't we have a picnic living there.  They must have Mexican cooks--all the cleaners are Mexican.  I just cannot imagine feeding elderly folk hot and spicy food.  She said there are many diabetics etc. and this is their food. 
I have rec. hundreds of emails the last few days AND THAT IS GOOD.
I won a cameral (Brownie) in the 6th grade for not being absent all year--just another year.
I am so upset with the computer--nothing seems to be working right. 
Today is our LITE LUNCH/DINNER--we had better get going on it.
Elmer dear is busy with this and that.  He is doing quite well--must wear his Texas Steers outside for support.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Missed a day

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsI missed writing yesterday and my dear friend, Ellen, was the only one who missed it and she called this am to see if I was o.k.  She is a friend, indeed.
Well, yesterday I arose early as usual and everything was o.k, and in about 10 min.  my neck on the right side started hurting with intense spasms--would catch every now and then .( I have had this a few times before).  So I went ahead with the day.  We had intended to visit Cecelia Wood at the Wetherford Adult Care Center (part of Three Fountains).  So about 1 we headed into Medford--stopped at the Outlet and then on to Bi-Mart and then on for the visit.  The pain was more severe and Cecelia had a neck pad that she heated in the M.W. and put that on my neck--felt so good and when we left she gave it to me.  So we visited for a bit and as the pain was increasing we headed for home.  When and where I had to back the car up--turn my head-the pain was so severe.  If I turned my head to the right the spasm would hit.  So we made it home--E. and Bud unloaded the car and I came in to heat the neck pad and later I took an IBUPROFEN which really helped.  We (mostly Elmer dear) had prepared our dinner before we left home--so that was a great help--all ready to eat.  I went to bed about 8 --which was a great relief.  There is still some pain--esp. if and when I turn my head to the right but I can live with that--perhaps for one more day.
The sun is shining as it has for several days but we are expectig rain tomorrow.
Well, I was going to tell you about the little girl from India who just had sx--among other things she had 4 arms and 4 legs.  What a story.
Brian, could you send a copy of the verse on your b.d. card--I thot it was very appropriate.  Gpa would like to hear it.  What is the deal on the Toastmaster Club--any $$--in Denver? --how did you find out about this club.  I remember some of our doctors used to attend one-- in Medford--time off from doctoring.  Anxious to hear about your presentation to the school kids.  Chloe will be so proud of you.
Rush Limbaugh is a SCUMBAG--oofta--not worth listening to--horrible--
30 car pileup over on 97 near K. Falls.
Key Bank in Medford was just held up again--second time lately.
Patties at 4 or earlier.
I think Elmer dear is doing a bit better.   He is such a dear and so helpful to me.  gg

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Tomorrow will be Tuesday already

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsI will tell you immediately that I am just checking in--no news has there been around here. 
We want to thank L & H for bringing down HONEY CRISP APPLES.  They seem to be a brand new kind.  I do not think Win-Co has them yet but Helen, Jeanne and Amber went shopping Sat. after the G. Pancake breakfast--looking for a new camera bag for Lloyd and while they were at it they went shopping at the HARRY AND DAVID STORE--that is a super duper store and it has super duper hi prices but here they came with an apple box size of HONEY CRISP APPLES--???$$$$.  Jeanne brot back dates (Elmer loves/craves dates and so do I but not quite as much.) These dates were HUGE and the taste is also HUGE.  And she also brot a package of CRATER LAKE MIX.  So we are very thankful for everything they gave to us.  Thank you so much.  Helen divided the apples between Larry,  Amber, Elmer and themselves.  We used to shop at H & D but that is one more stop so----------------.They are FIRST CLASS.
I am sending a letter to Don tomorrow.  I do not contact him as often as I should.  I wish he could contact us.  He used to have a tel. in his room.
BB, what does COVA stand for.  I know the presentation you will be giving this week will be super good.  Anxious to hear about it.  Do you feel different now that you turned 38 today?
Elmer took  a good nap/rest today.  This is something he never never ever ever did until the broken ankle episode.  He gets tired--the pain/discomfort takes a lot out of him--so why not take a nap.
It is now time to do the bike/treadmill.  It is time to hear from YOU.  gg

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

All alone again.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsI am back--got interrupted just now by a phone call from my lovely niece, Rose (she is 15 years younger).  And I wish I was just half as ambitious as she is.
Our weather has been absolutely great and more good days are ahead of us--they tell us.  So we really had great weather for our three sets of Co. 
Today was a little different.  The entire family around here attended the second service (10:30) at the J. Pres. Church.  Amber and Richard were part of the participants who went on the missionary trip in August (17 days) to Honduras.  So Amber (being an R.N.) spoke plus a few more so we wanted to hear that and the ladies of the church had a lunch on the tables at the back of the sancturary--lots of fruit, cheese etc. --so it got kind of late--we were going to all go get a bit of lunch elsewhere but Lloyd and Helen needed to get going so they took off prob. about 1:30.  We came home and made lunch etc. and already it is 20 to 5.
Our co. is all gone--German Pancakes--three Saturdays in a row.  That is what everyone wanted.  I always serve fruit, cottage cheese and on and on with it.  (If and when Brian comes--he always requests. G. Pancakes. )
We really enjoyed our three weekends of Co.  I really wonder and think since Gpa was so sick etc.  (evidently it was pneumonia) they wanted to come down.  They all live such busy lives--we really appreciated their effort. 
Larry and Linda also fed and entertained the bunch on each Sat. evening.  That was so nice of them.  Also Everyone stayed with L & L--went nite nite there-- and that helped me much.  Lloyd and Helen stayed with us. 
After breakfast Sat. am Lloyd and Larry did some chores for us--split some wood--piled it--covered it securely against the wind we will be having  and they mowed here and there.  All of this helped us much.
Someone will be 38 tomorrow --Could that be the g.son who lives in Colorado??
Our day has about slipped away,  It is cool after the sun fades away.  
Hopefully L & L and Jeanne and Jess are about home (they live in Portland--really Troutdale)
Need to hear.  gg

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Friday, November 2, 2007


Cc: GG
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2007 4:42 PM

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We have a big weekend ahead of us and it should be very exciting.
L,H,J,and J planned to leave up there about 4.
The menu on Sat. A.M. will be GERMAN PANCAKES--third weekend in a row--poor Larry and Linda will have the same menu three weeks in a row but that was the request so here goes.
I called Geraldine Oeser to see how she is doing and she says she is a little lost--not having Gene to wait on.  Larry, she decided to check out that huge retirement place in J.  She said she was not impressed.  She said there wasn't anyone at the front desk and someone had to go after the person for the interview.  She said she will prob. --when the time comes-- to go to Barnett Woods and that is where Dena DeKorte lives.  Dena's daughter was married to Geraldine's son--he was killed a few years later---she married again. 
I also called ROYAL OAKS where the Carpenters live--to see if they are still there.  He said they are.  We will prob. visit them next week. 
We are invited to THE LARRYS for dinner Sat. eve.
Sunshine most of the afternoon.
I have not set the clocks back yet--what a job--have so many.
Elmer walked a bit in the yard today--very hard on the ankle.  Soon he will go down for a rest.  He helps me a lot--such a dear that he is.
Bud is taking a nap. 
Lloyd and Helen will prob. arrive in J. about 10 or so--will leave J & J there and then come here.  Elmer has a few chores for Lloyd to do tomorrow.  (Lloyd is scheduled for hernia sx on Nov. 27. 

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