Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsThe last day for Halloween.   So far, down thru the years no one has ever come back here.
A trip to Win-Co this am--spent about $84.00--prices are rising.  Trucks hauling the produce--diesel gas is $3.60 or more. 
It is so cold in Win-Co--dairy products etc.meat etc. have to have it so cold.  My Dumpy freezes and besides he hurt his ankle yesterday and so the first part of the nite he was hurting!!!!! So I set the timer for 45 min. and then he came in and we timed it just right.  He had just come in when I was ready to check out and he did the bagging.  We work as a team!!!
For several years Elmer dear has been using the small field glasses to watch t.v.  For about a week now they do not help at all.  He has put them away.  We have stronger and larger ones but they do not help.  So that means he is losing more site.  I feel so sorry for him.
Brian, we watched DISCOVERY last eve. and so did Ellen.  Thank you for telling us.
I wonder if Caedmon misses his GG.
Keith, need to hear.
We are looking forward to this weekend--COMPANY IS COMING Friday nite and staying 'till Sunday afternoon.  It has been a LONG time since they were here. 
Helen, that Rain picture and article--very nice--very pretty.  Thank you.
We are soon to dine on a bit of chicken and baked pot. veggies etc.
Bud also got to go shopping.  When we come home and unload and let him out of the car--he stays right by it because he knows I will put the car away soon and he wants to ride around to the garage.
Waiting to hear.  gg

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe are having sort of a dreary day---a bit of rain and no sunshine yet.  We are glad it waited until Caedmon went bye bye.
Larry just got called to teach 4th (not Nathan's class) at J.  An emergency must have come up.
The report has just come in--after tests etc. --the three young guys who were driving so fast near J. --hit a tree and burned up had been drinking. ..
Time to get on the bike and treadmill (not at the same time, tho.)

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Monday, October 29, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsSo much excitement around here.
Kenneth had said that if they had time they would stop here Monday am and what was so nice was that he wanted to see us again!! So about 8:30 or so Galena called and stated that they had just turned on to Hwy 62.  We were excited.
They drove in a bit after 9 and I asked what they would like to eat or drink.  Well they had had a bagel and they would like to have some fruit and some orange juice--which they sat down and ate and drank.
Little Caedmon was nite nite in the carrier and he stayed asleep until the Good Daddy Kenneth, gave him a bottle so that he would be ready to go bye bye in the airplane.  The Good Mommie changed his diaper.   He was pretty sleepy--you see he kept them awake during the nite and that doesn't bother him a bit.  He is so cute.  I held him again and even held the bottle for him.  He has promised he will come back to see us. 
We really appreciated the fact that the little family made a special effort to stop and see us again...  They had a good visit with the Zornes--went to the Community Church--and it was Ashley's 15th so she wanted to go to a Chinese Rest. in Eagle Point.
Right now they should be up in the air.  To land in Seattle about 1:40--then to drive home.  Kenneth will not be going to the office today (hopefully he can take a nap)
Thanks so much for stopping Caedmon--you are a good little boy.
Lloyd, Kenneth got the pictures for me--worked on it a bit--I could never have done all of that.  The are really really good.  The little guy is smiling often--really really cute.
We rec. a card from Ethel the other day and she wrote such a nice note on it--but she gave me more credit than I deserved for taking care of her brother.  Thank you, Ethel.  More please. 
Thanks for the note Helen M.  We are looking forward to your visit this weekend.  You will stay with us and the two J'S will stay in J with L & L. 
Helen said she would like to have German Pancakes--three weekends in a row.  There will be 8 of us--haven't cleared that with L & L but hopefully they will come--even if they are tired of G. Pancakes etc.  I always have the same stuff to go with--same menu. 
Hopefully ALL of the family can get together Sat. nite somewhere--L & L know where a bunch can go.  Church Sun am and then a bit of lunch somewhere and our good Co. will head N. 
The sun is shining--it was really nice when the co. was here.
We will have Beef Patties about 4 or so.  My Dumpling is doing quite well--trying to keep busy--still repairing if there is anything to repair. 
Anxious to hear from Colorado again.  Bye from the three of us.  gg

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

I had better hurry

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsThe day has slipped away.
Larry was interviewed on Channel 10 on the 6 o'clock news.  He wore the uniform-cap etc. that he wears on his oodles of trips to C.Lake with students and also adults at times.  They even gave his email address.  He is good.
Instead of going to Geraldine Oeser's friend's funeral tomorrow we dashed over to see her today.  Jeanette was there so we had a good visit.  J. is really proud of the wristwatch her boss etc. gave her awhile back for working there 10 years.  She likes her job very much.  The celebration for 10 years was a complete surprise--all the workers showed up so quickly and then she saw the cake etc.  So I am glad we went over.  G. is really going to miss Gene.   He was 93.  G. is aging--has mac. degeneration and is quite deaf--  She has helped Gene so much for several years now.  All of her family intends to be with her tomorrow.
Good Gracious Sakes Alive--now I hear someone will be calling from the Pentecostal Evangel to interview us for an article in the Evangel for the Feb. issue--due to the fact that we have been married over 72 years.  What are our sons doing???
Caedmon will be flying N. tomorrow am.  Kenneth said they might stop by if they have time but leaving at noon they will be rushed but Kenneth said he would call at least.  We have been having super weather for them to enjoy.  Galena always loves our warm weather. 
Kenneth, I cannot get the photos you sent that you took here.  Thank you and yours for coming to visit us. 
We picked up our mail today.  Helen Mae, who sends my emails to your brother, John.  We are getting so much "press" I am shocked.  I need to know more about that letter you sent.
We attended Harvest this am.  ONE LADY GAVE ME A BIG HUG!!!!! 
We are looking forward to next weekend  --more co.  What would you like to eat?  What is your schedule? 
Elmer dear took a nap after we returned home from visiting.  We wish his ankle would be more stable.  We are thankful he has not "needed oxygen" and his heart is doing o.k.
More tomorrow.   GG

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

We are all alone.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe three are all alone once again. 
Should I tell you about now or should I start from the beginning.
Daedmon arrived by AIR at the Medford Airport Thursday evening late.  Of course the plane was a bit late and by the time the parents rented the car etc. It must have been about 1 am or more when they got to Larry and Linda's house.  They were waiting up for them. 
So then it was Friday am when Caedmon, his parents, L &  & and Amber arrived for German Pancakes.  I always serve about the same menu for that breakfast.  So we ate and ate and talked and talked and visited and visited.  And there was much "picture taking" including the copying of the first haircut I did on Kenneth 39 years ago.  We tried to do the same for Daedmon.  I cut his hair across the back--and he was a good boy.  He was lying across my lap and I was sitting on the floor like 39 years ago.  Lloyd just had to have that photo. (HE HAS A GREAT MUSEUM).  L & L left about noon--errands for Larry and Linda --(and Linda to start cooking for THE GANG)  Then Amber left--had to jump her car--her lites were on all the time she was here!!!!  So about 5 Caedmon and his parents left for J. in their rental and a bit later Elmer and I left in the Olds (made it home safely in the dark later)  Linda had prepared a delicious meal for all of us.  It was so good and tasty.  So we visited some more--more pictures.  Elmer and I left about 8:30 or so--dark of course--Larry walked with his Dad to the car etc.  When we started for home--Dad said "Everyone is so good to us".  This makes us feel good. 
So today L & L and Daedmon and his Parents arrived late am for an oatmeal breakfast--plus lots of "stuff".  We really visited and visted--and lots of pictures were taken.  Later Daedmon, his parents and L &  L took a walk over to the Park, 
So we all visited and visted and soon it was time for Folk to leave.  Daedmon and his Parents left for Butte Falls and The Zornes--for dinner and the nite.  L & L left for home and soon we three were alone again. 
So I will be looking for some photos to arrive on my computer--sent by Kenneth.  He took many--some really really cute of Daedmon.  Galena and Kenneth are Great Parents--so busy to be sure everything is done correctly--you know fussing.  I got to hold him a lot and he is so cute.  I didn't really cut much hair--Galena saved it.  I cut across the back--his little neck.  (I wonder if they will bring him back everytime he needs a haircut--that would be great) 
The three take off Monday about noon but of course they have to be there early.  It is a long ride from Butte Falls--but IF they have any time extra they will drop by here to say another goodbye. 
Lloyd called while they were still here --stating (We haven't heard a word from down there).  Of course I was too busy and distracted to write an email but now I have.  But he talked a .long time to us-his Dad-his Son--his Brother
Now were are looking forward to CO. next weekend.  Need to know when etc.  And what would you like to dine on etc.  THREE WEEKENDS IN A ROW. 
BTW, Keith, the photos you stopped to take on your way over here from Jacksonville with the golden leaves on that row of trees and the leaves on the lane beside the trees and then the two loveable Kidlets posing and running up and down etc.  are so wonderful.  I just love  them.   
Elmer dear just went down for a rest.  Any more questions you would like to know about?  I have the answers!!!!!
Kenneth and Galena, thank you so much for coming and bringing  the little one.
Thanks Larry and Linda for spending time with our Co.  I know how busy you are and now getting ready for more co.  to arrive tomorrow afternoon.  GG

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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsJust think, late tonite Caedmon will be flying into Medford.  His Mom and Dad will put him into the rented car and then they will head for Jacksonville to spend the nite with L & L and then tomorrow he will come to our house--BUT he cannot have German Pancakes.  He will get a haircut sometime during the visit down here.  Anxious.
Our good weather went bye bye--did not wait for co.
Help!!!  For awhile I was rec. VIAGRA adds--then also came along CIALIS--then along for 2 days now I am rec. the combination of the two.  Why am I the target?  Anything I can do???
Different names for the sender every time.  I have never ever opened even one--just delete.
Elmer dear started fire in the furnace--surely did not need any heat for the last few days!!
Keith, I love the photos.   The ones you took between J. and here--where is the location?  A gorgeous place to photo the Kidlets--I do not recognize the area.  Thanks again for visiting us--for taking time from your BUSY schedule.
Elmer is doing quite well but is really not happy with the results.  The fall he took was very bad.  He was sitting there looking at the very BOTTOM of the sole of his shoe.  He thinks there was more damage than just the ankle.
Thanks, Brian, for taking time to email us.  gg

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsWe are in the 70's for temp--t'would be good if it would hang around for Caedmon to enjoy.
Our property taxes surely did go up--almost doubled???? The check is in the mail.
We had delicious patties  yesterday so--today it will be veggie soup--Elmer dear is cutting the veggies up right now.  (It will also be delicious.)
I just deleted 2000 deletes.
Several states are running out of water TODAY.
I have only rec. about 100 or more emails today.
It is SO sad re So. CA.
I would say that Larry is a wee bit too busy (not that Lloyd sits around)
I had better help Elmer dear.  After dinner I will put him down for a nap.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

2nd X today

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsPerhaps I will not be writing tomorrow due to the fact that I have already written to you today.
We decided to shop at Win-Co's--spent $81.00.  Elme dear came in the last 1/2 hour or so to help pick out the veggies and do the bagging and then getting the heavy sacks into the trunk and then to come home and it is so good that we can drive right to the back door and unload and he helps so much esp. all the heavy stuff.  Of course Bud went shopping also--only he shopped from the car.
Well, I stopped for mail--it had been a few days and there was so much I had to put it into a LARGE gro bag--and it was heavy .
Chloe, thank you so much for the thank you card--you are going to be an artist.  We really appreciate hearing from you.  You are very talented.    Thank you very much.  Already you are 7 years old--growing up fast.  The box was jammed.
In our mail was our property tax bill--wow it has REALLY gone up!!  Due Nov. 15.
And guess what--- I AM TO REPORT FOR JURY DUTY.  Do they not know my age!!!  I will have to let them know.  It was to be for 3 days or until that trial was overwith.
Our mailbox was absolutely jammed full.
The weather was gorgeous today--sat outside after we took care of the gro.
Elmer is down for a rest/nap.

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Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe have sunshine and 76 degrees a least. (hope it stays nice for Caedmon)
I guess the only news is about the horrible fires in So. Ca.--so glad for more reasons than one that we moved North in 1946.  (L & L also say they are glad)
Larry turned down a teaching job one day this week (but got another one a few min. later) to teach English to Mexican first graders!!
Elmer's foot-ankle-leg really bother him if he stays up on it all day.  Yesterday after he vac. I put him down for a nap.  He still tries his best to help me.
Thanks, Keith, for coming to visit and bringing the Kidlets.  We really really appreciated all your efforts and for delivering my garbage to Larry's house.  He really got a kick out of that.  We still think of you as g.son # 3 who came and stayed with us many times during your growing up years. 
I think we will go out and sit in the sunshine on the front deck.  gg

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Co. all gone

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsI wonder if our Co. made it home safely--waiting to hear. 
Larry, that was a GOOD one you wrote to Keith.  When I gave him the garbage for him to take it to your place--I didn't think about him being a CEO and all that he does-he was my g.son--just a real good g.son.
Elmer dear is vac.  He is such a Dear--always wanting to make it easier for me.  (Could I be a little spoiled-perhaps).  I will insist that he take a break and rest 1/2 way thru so that his foot/ankle will not become too tired.
The sun is shining--and thankfully we are so much better off than the folk in So. Ca.--Maliboo etc.
Brian, thank you SO much for the two informative emails and the photos.  Gpa wants to know what you did with all the fish you caught.
We are now to have some weather in the 70's.
Katie has an I-Phone and knows how to work it!!
Katie had such a cute dress etc. on yesterday--just above the knees--At her private Christian School NO DRESSES ABOVE THE KNEE--NO KNEES SHOWING.  I absolutely hate long--below the knee dresses on little girls.  I have ALWAYS liked to see short dresses on little girls.  You do not know how much I dislike below the knees dresses.  (There will be no problem with Caedmon)
I just called Rose and we had a good chat.
My Dumpling is still vac.  I have ''IT MADE".
Kenneth, will you please send your plane schedule etc.  We are looking forward to Thursday.
I had better see how I can help move stuff around during the vac.  GG

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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsThey came and they left--all gone bye bye out to the Airport.
We really had a good day.  Elmer and I stayed home and then about 11:30 we left for J. where we met up with Keith and the Kidlets and Larry and Linda-(they had just left a football game (Matt"s)--he made a touchdown.  We ate lunch at the Expresso--just across from Calvary Church.  I really like that spot--Keith treated us to a good lunch--very tasty.  Larry had to leave about 1 pm for the presentation.  We had a good visit.  Soon it was time to head to Phoenix.  Linda wanted to walk home and Keith went by the Shields to say goodbye but they were not home--then they came here.  The Kidlets and Keith had milk and icecream bars and yogurt and we visited and visited and then too soon it was time to head to the airport.   (Little innocent Bennett is still on the no fly list--they fly a lot and he has to go thru this everytime????).
So we had a good day and really enjoyed Keith and the Kidlets.  They all want us to come up for Christmas and/or Thanksgiving--will fly us up or whatever.  We are very thankful for their kindness but under the circumstances we really think it is better to stay near home.
Well now we are looking forward to having Caedmon come to visit us. 
Until next time,  GG

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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsOur Company is gone right now.
A bit after 9:30 Company arrived looking for German pancakes and all the trimmings. There were only 7 of us--Larry, Linda and the three KEITHS.  The Shields have football and a wedding etc. so they did not come.  They seemed to enjoy their breakfast and I know we enjoyed them.  Larry and Linda  left after a few hours (and Larry cleared the table and put all of the dishes in the dish washer!!! ) Linda says he does this at home also (sometimes before she gets thru eating)  There is a Harvest dealy in J.  and then Larry's performance was coming up (and again tomorrow).  So Keith and the Kidlets left --to let the Kidlets off at the Sheilds and Keith was going to The Larrys to shower etc.  They plan to come back here to eat later.  We talked and talked about eating out or eating here and we decided to eat here.  L & L will not be coming--busy In J.  So Elmer dear and I made a meal --ready for when Keith etc. return--more about that later.
Well Keith had quite a time getting into Medford yesterday.  The plane was late!!!  --so instead of arriving at 3:25--it was after 4.  And in Seattle he had talked to a Redcap (and tipped him plenty--and the fellow talked so long--stories etc. he missed getting the luggage on the plane.) They could pick it up at midnite last nite--but instead they picked it up this am.  So all of that caused a bit of confusion.
So about 5 or so last evening all 13 of us-including the Shields  ate at a Mexican Rest. in Jacksonvlle.  A REALLY NICE FAMILY runs it and they are very busy--also left off the HOT STUFF for us.--
Our driveway and patio etc. had more leaves--mostly a lot of small stuff--and as soon as the Co left--here was Ron blowing and blowing--what a neighbor.  We have been having a bit of rain last nite again. 
Caedmon (I suppose his Folks will have to tag along) is arriving this very next Thursday.  We haven't had so much excitement in a long time.  And then L & H will be down for a weekend.
Elmer is holding up quite well.  He is down for a nap/rest right now.  Keith will have to tell about what he thought his Gpa would be like after  not doing so well but he is still wearing his hi-top boots and also uses a crutch to go up and down the steps--because his ankle will not bend much.  He helps me A LOT.
We are enjoying our family--everyone is so kind.  I asked Katie if she would like to live down here and she hesitated and then said in her quiet little voice--she would miss THE MALLS in Seattle--10 years old--that girl is.
The sun is shining--very nice out.
Until next time--gg

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Friday, October 19, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsIn a few more hours our Co. of three will be arriving.  It doesn't take long to fly from Seattle--leaves Seattle 2:05--arrive in Medford at 3:25--then pick up the rented car and head South.  Excited we are.
We had a goodly amount of rain (for us) last evening and all nite--none so far today. 
Back to the power outage yesterday--it didn't hit this end of the Valley but schools shut down in Medford and Central Point.  Even Boise lost their power--Ron and Jorene just put in time--no work.  One of the MAIN transformers out in that area went out.   P P and L  are always very very quick to get the power back--they work overtime or all nite.  Seattle last year when they lost power the workers went home at 5.  Kenneth and Galena were without about 6 days.  So you see it does not pay to live in Seattle.
That was quite a trip that Lloyd made to the Portland Airport yesterday with the casket and "remains" to be shipped far away.  Cost $2,000 to ship. 
Larry is busier than "a cat on a tin roof"--so many demands etc.--is teaching today 'till 3:30.
Elmer seems to be doing quite well.  He had a good nite--is using one crutch part time.  The ankle is very weak--is wearing his TEXAS STEERS--BOOTS for support.
Bud is doing very well--does not care for rainy weather.  He is definitely a HOUSE DOG.
This is all that I know for now.  (Colorado?)  gg

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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsAnd I mean it!!
First and foremost--Elmer dear seems SO much better today.  He had a good nite and is very normal today but he IS  down for a nap right now.  He did some exercises this am and he says that made him feel better.  He has been neglecting his exercises.
We have wind so that means we have stuff at our back patio--a nice welcome at each door.  They said the wind at the Coast was 55 per so it came over here. Hopefully we can blow the leaves away from the doors before Co. arrives tomorrow.
They say there is a severe storm raging in the Mid-West from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico. 
Thanks, Keith, for the oodles of photos.  What a trip--you saw lots of sites I must say.  Just think tomorrow you will be in So. Oregon--nothing very exciting down here but we like it.  It will be exciting when you three arrive.
My biggest worry for the next few weeks is--will I be able to take proper care of everyone--food etc.  The lodging is all solved.
Well, guess what--I thot Elmer went down for a nap--he didn't--he is down in the garage working.  He so wants to go thru everything--discard--etc.  Stuff got moved around and just piled on his work bench--and he wasn't able to do anything down there.  In fact for months he was not even in the garage.  When we had to go by car--I would get the car out and drive to the back door and pick him up--first we took him and the walker--then him and the 2 crutches--then him and 1 crutch.  It has been a long time since Feb. 28th.  Oodles of stuff down in the garage needs to be discarded but anyway the p.up and the Olds have a good home--out of the weather etc.  So Emer just came in--wishes he could get rid of a good part of the stuff down there.
The wind is still howling and the small leaves and junk out of the trees are still coming down. 
The huge leaves will not be falling until we have a freeze or something and then we will be inundated.  We have many many trees--so welcome in the hot summer.
So my husband didn't have a nap after all.  I thot he went down really early. 
Must dash.  ( thot for sure Chris would be sending an email about his Colorado trip) gg

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsGood evening to each and everyone.
We just finished our dinner and it was good. (Bud really thot so)
So. Cal. had a sand storm--need rain they said.
A helicopter went really really low right over where I am sitting--I vibrated and my chair vibrated--scary.  I thot it was going to land on our house.
Lithia is about to start their HUGE WORLD HEADQUARTERS.  The main building will be 6 stories but they have to get rid of a lot of buildings and stores etc and they have to build some parks etc. 
We are having lots of Co. coming soon and later and in between.  There will be more about that later.
Obama and Cheney are related from WAY back.
I signed us up for MERCY FLIGHTS today but it doesn't go into affect/effect  for 30 days. 
A SUPER BUG is going around--more die from it than AIDS.
Sometimes we rec. a very wee bit of rain.
Elmer is not up to par.   I might say more later--tomorrow??
ggUpgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So far so good.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsThere is not much going on around here--but there will be in a few days--we are having Co. from Seattle.  Guess who.
Elmer, Bud and I dashed on some errands.   I thot it would be good for Elmer dear to "get out" for a bit.  Bot gas--almost half full already and still it cost $33. to fill the tank.  We ended up at Wal+Mart.
Lite dinner at 4--not sure just what nor how lite.
Did I already tell you that Lloyd called yesterday on his way home from the doc. office that he will have hernia sx about the Tues. after Thanksgiving.
I am very anxious to get signed up with MERCY FLIGHTS.  I think it is strange that Elmer does not have these episodes during the day--why does he have them when he is resting during  the nite?
Need to hear from Colorado.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Very busy

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWe just had to go gro. shopping--practically out of milk--so we dashed to Win+C0 and only spent $62 so that means we will be going again soon.  Elmer wanted to come and help and he did BUT his ankle started hurting very much so he didn't do much walking around but he bagged all the gro.  He never goes into the milk etc. area--too cold--he about freezes to death--I am tuff.  So we just arrived home--after also stopping at the Bank (and Bud whined for his treat and of course at the drive-up window they always give him one (today they put 3 in an envelope)and the P>O>--got the car unloaded and put away and it started raining (sprinkling really).   When Dumpy started fire downstairs he used one crutch????  to walk with --not burn.    I thot he was through with them???
Kenneth, thanks so much for the photos of your little son.  He is growing.
Helen Mae, if you don't rec. the emails I send you where do they go--they do not bouce back.  I send you one everytime???  I wonder if Kenneth knows. 
Chicken for dinner!!!
Well the news I read today is that for quite a spell and even more so now--Ashland and even Medford --some businesses are moving to Talent and also new houses--lots of them.   Ashland prices are sky-hi and Medford not far behind.  Ashland is a very "naughty" town also.
Buddy, of course, got to go shopping--he absolutely thinks going in the car is at the top of his list of things to do.
Brian should be going home from the many days of fishing so that means Chris will be flying home from Colorado this very day.
Elmer is thru taking his biotics--total of 5 days--so different than years ago.  I do not ever want to hear again--during the nite--"I need oxygen".
I need to know about Helen Mae's emails that I send to her at least once a day. 

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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsI am thinking I had better send a line or two.
Caedmon is growing--soon be crawling and then on and on--not long till College.
We attended Harvest.  Pastor Bob was preaching in K.Falls so Pastor Mike preached.
It is really warm today but starting tomorrow t'will be in the 60's.
Ron mowed and blew yesterday.
Picked up the mail--lots of it--had not been to the P.O. for a spell.
I am anxious to call Mercy Flights tomorrow--hopefully to sign up.
Elmer is doing quite fine today--did take a short nap.  The CARETAKER made him.  I am in charge.
He cannot get into his two pair of dress boots nor the several dress oxfords.  The ankle will not bend enough.
Kenneth, thanks for keeping us up to date on your son.
Lloyd, how do I get rid of the photos that covers the printing in the Glacier Park photos?
I think I will now watch the latest news.  One never knows what will happen next.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday and busy

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsWell, this Saturday is about overwith. 
Larry and Linda arrived about 1 PM--Larry came to help his Dad put some more ropes around the two coolers--ready for heavy winds.  Ron put stretchy things on--3 layers but E. was not satisfied so asked Larry to add several rounds of rope.  Now he is satisfied.  BUT that is when Elmer went up on the roof.   It was good to have Larry up there to see that he made the final step.  Linda came also but she went gro. shopping while Larry was here.  I fed him a bit of lunch and sent a sandwich for Linda to eat on the way home.  They had to get going.  There was  practice for Larry to attend.  He is in the performance of this dealy to take place in the Cemetery tonite and next Sat. nite and Sunday. 
T'was 70 today and to be 72 tomorrow.
Amber stopped by about 4 to check on her Gpa and while here she cut Bud's front nails.  The Groomer could not cut them.  He is so strong--almost impossible to hold if he doesn't want to be held.  Just did the front feet. 
So Amber was here about an hour--hadn't seen her for quite a spell.  She enjoyed the trip to Honduras--very hot there and they got a lot of work accomplished.  She said Richard and Matt went camping today.  Matt hadn't worn his camping boots for quite awhile and found he had outgrown them and they had to stop to get new ones--size 7 1/2.  He is 5 ft. tall.
Talk tomorrow.  GG

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Friday, October 12, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsI am still thinking about last nite (during the nite)--quite scary--when out of the blue Elmer said,"I need oxygen--I can't breathe and then about his pulse!!!" 
Larry suggested we join MERCY FLIGHTS--$50.00 a year--which includes ambulance (ambulance around here now is $600) plane and what not.  I will be calling them.  Also our health ins. is "going out" so I am looking into that.  Busy but glad that I can do it.
The other day Larry was teaching at Griffin Creek subbing for a former student of his  He told the students this that their teacher at one time was in his class and they stated that they thot they were the same age!!!!
Thanks to My Family who responded so lovingly --even from Tel Aviv--today about Elmer. (Ellen also)
I must also investigate exactly --find the EMERGENCY ENTRANCE at the newly made over R.V. Hospital--not dashing around in the middle of the nite.  But it will help to join MERCY FLIGHTS.
Our dinner was tasty--we really like the sirloin patties and they are so easy to do. 
To be 72 on Sunday.
Lloyd will probably have sx for a hernia--one like Brian had shortly before he climbed THE MOUNTAIN.
Elmer is down for a much needed nap.  He did well today--we walked a bit.
Trust Elmer will do well during the nite.  GG

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Wondered/a bit frantic

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsGood  morning now but it was not at 1:30 am.  I woke up and Elmer said that he has not been to sleep yet and said that he needed oxygen and that his heart beat was VERY irregular and erratic   We propped him up in bed and made him cozy and I wondered what to do.  He sat up for several hours--finally about 4 or so he slid back down again on his back and I talked to him a bit ago and he had had a good sleep and he is sleeping now. 
I wondered about calling 911 or driving to the E.R.  I didn't want to call Larry at such hours.
He didn't want to "leave" me!
Concerned GG

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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWell, it is time I suppose for another report--not that you want one--but I have this idea inside of me that you might want to hear from me. 
Thanks, Keith, for the report that arrived this am.  Looks good.
I raked up stuff yesterday from our rain storm and we didn't have time to pick it up--SO--we put on our coats etc. and Elmer dear got the hand cart, tub and etc. and he scooped up all the many piles and wheeled them to the area where such stuff goes.  IT IS SO GOOD TO SEE ELMER DOING CHORES AND STARTING FIRE IN THE WOOD FURNACE AND TO SEE HE AND BUD BRING THE WOOD INTO THE BASEMENT ETC.   All I can say is that it has been a LONG time.  He is on his second day of biotics and he did say as I gave him the pill--that he did not like to take them --but he is  so --"that is good".  He is not free of pain--but is so much better!!
We want to thank each and everyone for the emails and the interest shown on this elderly couple.  We appreciate every word.
Did you hear about the Ambulance in the East--there was a patient in the back--where patients should be but the driver and the assistant in the front were both drunk and were speeding and going thru red lites.  Didn't happen to have an accident but the driver went bye bye to jail.
Well, I am back--had to take time out to "do the bike and the treadmill".  (another time out at 7:30 this evening).
I think tonite is a "lite meal nite".  (Hopefully),
Need to know what is going on in your daily life.
GG (wife of the most loving husband in the world)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The next day

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsYesterday's storm is all gone BUT you should see what it left behind.  There are a few leaves and branches to take care of.  Our patio is a site to behold.  The wind even knocked the brooms down.
We do not know quite what to do about Elmer dear.
When Bud and I walked out to B.St. earlier today Laurie (my new friend) and her big dog were walking over to the Park.  She is married to a doctor.  She said that yes you can have walking pneumonia and not know it.  He should be on the anti-biotics.  I notice that many of the eldery (Obituaries) die of pneumonia.  So perhaps Elmer might call in for a prescription???
There will be salmon at 4.
I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent emails yesterday re Gpa Elmer and his condition.  He is now eating his oatmeal etc. breakfast.
Bud is taking a much needed nap.
Caedmon will be 2 mo. old tomorrow. 
Waiting to hear.  gg

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsYes, we have wind.  I started this awhile ago and the power went off--but only for about 15 min. and now it is back--but what I had already written went bye bye.
The reason we didn't hear from our Dr. Newton was because the hospital sent the report to the wrong Dr. and his office didn't bother to send it on.??????  He was so very sorry.
This is the one paragraph you will be interested in:
Findings:  There are scattered infiltrates in the postriour portion of the right lower lobe in the basal segment and in the superiour segment due to pneumonia.  There may be a small infiltrate in the lateral basal segment of the left lower lobe also.  Lungs are otherwise normal. The mediastinum, chest wall and visualized upper abdomen are normal.
IMPRESSION.  Pneumonia in right lower lobe and possibly in the lateral segment of left lower lobe.
Signed by Dr. RAO
Dr. Newton says, How can you have pneumonia and not be sick???? He said he could give E. a prescription for anti-biotics but he knows Elmer will not take them. 
I know Elmer was quite ill the week that he had THE SWEATS but it almost passed before we realized he was sick and freezing and we bot the electric blanket. 
Anyway he told Dr. today that he is not sick.  BTW, he has gained 1/2 lb. 
The Dr. today said he does insist that Elmer come in for chest/lung xrays in about 5 weeks. 
Dr. Newton is located now in the same office building that I started working in -in 1961--we moved from the office in Medford.  So this Friday the office will be closed and they will open for business on this very next Monday--wow I do not see how.  It is 2 stories--really looks nice--behind this old one which will "go down" and will be their parking lot.  What a moved that will be.  The same 5 doctors--they looked for more--to no avail.  Medford is full of doctors and Barnett is full of doctors-dentists etc. hospitals and on and on. 
More tomorrow I am sure.  GG

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