Monday, December 31, 2007

The last day of 2007.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsThis is how I feel sometimes--so watch out.
Lloyd and Helen should be traveling towards home after being at the Cabin over a week. So I am waiting for a phone call.
Just heard from a friend about the weather in Colorado--it sounds mighty close to where THE BRIANS  live.  It sounds like it is very dangerous--no good--hi winds--avalanches--and on and on and very cold--bitterly cold.
We have sunshine but it is cold.  Elmer worked in the wood--just came in.  Our wood out front is about gone.  After Jan. 16--there is sx--so we will be using the electric furnace all together.
Fay called last evening--had a good visit.  She talked about her family and she really has a nice family.  Fay and Ray had 2 daughters and 1 daughter has one son and the other daughter has a son and daughter--a very active family--and very nice.
We shall now start our steak dinner and wait to hear from you.  gg 

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

This is evidently yesterday and today and perhaps tonorrow!!!!

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsMy friends tells me I didn't write yesterday but I guess Family did not miss it.
We just finished a very wee lunch.  I have sort of lost my appetite lately--which is o.k.  Elmer dear is a bit worried.  We have to get him thru this next year.
We attended Harvest--good crowd--good service--good choir.
Buddy was a good boy and stayed home but earlier when I told him he had to stay home--he headed for the back door and if anyone was going out that door they would have to go past him and me might get to go with them.
He is a very gentle dog--has never ever torn anything up--never chews on anything.  He is a very good boy in other words.  You can feed him--take his food away--never ever a snarl.
At the P>O> I picked up our first bill for our new health ins.  $450. for 2 for 3 months.  Co-pay is $5.00 instead of $20 each visit.  Our old Co. left the Valley and that was good. 
The sun is shining but it could be warmer.  I guarantee you it will be warmer--come summer in So. Or.  
I wonder what is going on in Colorado.
I wonder also what is going on up at The Cabin.  I know there is way too much snow for Folk in their 90's.
I will just send this one and hopefully we will hear from most everyone.  gg

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Friday, December 28, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsThis is for today and yesterday.
In nasty weather yesterday we dashed to Staples to buy a black cartridge--so far it is just sitting here--WE CANNOT INSTALL IT--why??  I am so disgusted--really really disgusted.  I wish some of you smart folk were here.  HELP HELP
I do not think UPS will be stopping here anymore this season---but thanks so much for remembering.
We have had a few white flakes come down now and then but not any stayed.
I am SO glad I was not with L & L on that wild ride down their hill.  I would have died--for sure.
Some of our new health ins. papers arrived yesterday--finally--no cards yet--but they say the letters are good enuf for now.
We rec, many Christmas cards--far more than we should have--due to the fact I didn't mail any and haven't for 3 or so years. 
Yesterday we made a HARVEST SOUP --a package from H and D--had to add some stuff also. 
Well, again I awoke this am with pleurisy and it is still present--used a pain pill now and then the hot pad--as usual I didn't accomplish much as most of the days are now.  I couldn't make it without my Dumpy.  (Bud helps all he can--I heard him shut the door so many times today--keeps him busy)
Pleurisy is----inflamation of the pleuera--which is a thin membrane which covers the inside of the thorax which lines the lung.  It can leave anytime and it will be o.k.with me.  Difficult to get out of bed--but I made it. 
January will be a very busy month.  2 birthdays--but that won't cause much commotion--About Jan 7th or so to R.V. Hosp. for lab work.  Then pre-op appts. with Dr. D--then an appt to see the Dr. D.  --then sx on Jan. 16--then 2 or so post-op appts.  Then who knows what will happen after that.  The sx this time will not be at the Hospital but at the SURGERY CENTER across from the hospital.  Elmer had sx there a few years ago.  We remember how kind the nurses were.  Oh, ALSO CO. WILL BE COMING SO. SOMETIME IN JAN.   ANXIOUS
Waiting for news.  GG

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsI will start with yesterday. 
Richard had been to Ashland to pick up Paul and wife and then stopped here to pick us up and we headed for Jacksonville. 
We had a great day--a great dinner--great fellowship etc.
Amber did the dinner--she was calm and collected--prepared a delicious ham dinner--doesn't get flustered with so many folk around--raising three children prob. helps--they have friends coming and going-
We ate our most delicious dinner and then Larry and Linda took us over to Jack and Betty Bransford's house to meet for the first time Sandy and Jay and their 4 little daughters--a lovely family--Sandy is Joe and Linda Fuiten's daughter--Linda is Rose's oldest daughter.  Sandy and Jay work for Joe in the church--very busy and on and on.  A very nice family.  (Rose always raves about them and I can see why--also Sandy is very tiny--looks even smaller than Rose)  So we had a good but short visit--they were about ready to have a turkey dinner.  We hurried back to Ambers due to the fact we were going to have dessert--several different kinds of pie!!!!  Richard's Mom was also there--she is very nice,  Heather was not present because she went to G. Pass to visit her Mom who is in a N.Home--many years--Huntington  Disease--a horrible disease..  Then soon it was time for us to depart.  Larry took Paul and wife to Ashland and then here--he came in and visited--which is always nice.  So we had quite a day.
UPS has not arrived yet--what is he bringing I wonder.
That was not good for Galena to fall on her head--could have been very serious.
Brian, Helen and children--THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE CHOCOLATES and the photo of the children..  I have seen Chloe in that white sweater in a picture the other day and that white sweater is so neat--I just love it--and her long hair--and little Everest standing so cute. I wonder if he will ever --when he grows up if he will be as tall as his sister.  Back to the white sweater--I just love it. 
Rose called as soon as we ret. home to see for sure that we got to meet and visit a bit with her g.daughter and family and we are glad we did.  They plan to ret. N. today and also they plan to stop to see Rose and Jim. 
Lloyd, that putting us on THE NO CALL LIST it is really working--no more mortgage calls.  Thank you much.
Let's SEE should we have SMOKED SALMON or should we have HAM for our dinner today.
The sun is shining and we do have a bit of snow--not on the driveways--melts immediatly.
No UPS yet--wonder what it will be.
Oh, I wanted to say that for several years we have heard HAPPY HOLLIDAYS--this year what a difference--back to MERRY CHRISTMAS  --it was really amazing. 

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsTomorrow Christmas will be "all gone".
Are you having a MERRY CHRISTMAS?  Bud and I are and I think Elmer dear is also due to the fact that he is still nite nite and why not.  He will not be eating breakfast due to the fact that Amber said we would be eating around one. 
Well everyone is up and about now.
Caedmon, we are so thankful that you came to see us awhile back and you came on the BIG airplane and you came to get a haircut.  And we are thankful that your Daddy took photos of you and now for Christmas we rec. copies.  The framed (beautiful frame) one of you, your Dad and your GREAT GRANDPA is so precious and then the smaller ones--even one of me holding you.  You were a good boy that day and Galena how old was he when you were here.  Also thanks for all of the goodies--even smoked fish--and even chocolates!!!!! and other goodies.  You know how to pick the goodies.  Thank you much  and come again.
The BIG basket contained so many different things--jams-cookies--nuts--I cannot remember everything but THERE ARE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES--I remember that. There are some jars of HOT RELISH and they will go to Richard.  I will be busy just going thru everything again.  All of this is in a very nice HEAVY basket. 
Lloyd called last evening--one hour from home--takes about 3 hours to get there to the Cabin.  So we had a good visit.  They will not return home until New Years Day.  And they will get to see Caedmon.  I need very much to know any news you wish to tell me about. 
Larry called a couple of times. 
So as far as I know our extended family will all have a good Christmas.
My black cartridge is completely gone--not good for over the Holiday.  I had plenty of warning to buy one but didn't 
Richard will be stopping in a couple of hours.  I may tell you more tonite
Have a good and MERRY CHRISTMAS and special Greetings to the little family in Colorado.

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Monday, December 24, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsYes, it is Christmas Eve.  Down thru the years that was a BIG celebration at our house--our Kids-then we added  their wives--then they started bring Kids aroud--year after year-Christmas Eve and Christmas Day inc. a big dinner--soon the years piled up and this Christmas Eve we are alone again, 
Amber has invited us to dinner tomorrow at 1:00 or so.  If we do not care to drive Richard will pick us up on his way home from Ashland--picking up Paul and wife.  I asked Amber what I could bring and she said that I have done enough down thru the years with entertaining and cooking and baking.  So---
Brian said one day that they are invited to friends for dinner and that is nice.
Did I ever tell you that when the tel. rings Bud runs like mad to answer it or to see that we get there. 
This evening Rose and Jim will be at their daughter Jan's house to watch the Kids open gifts and then tomorrow they will all be there at Jan's for a huge dinner. 
We had warm sunshine all day--can I use the word GORGEOUS.
Elmer and Bud worked on the woodpile most of the afternoon. 
I think this evening we will probably open the HUGE (hugest I have ever seen) Christmas Basket from Ron and Jorene..  I cannot lift it!!! even a tiny bit.  (Harry and David--located up 99 about 3 miles from us and then they have a lovely store--filled with goodies to buy a couple more miles up the road.  )
I am sure everyone will have so much fun at the Cabin this week--and I am sure I will hear from them everyday.   Just hope they do not forget about us completely.
I might write tomorrow.  gg(Elmer's "wood Leg" is much better--going on 3 months.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsHave you been good--that is the question.
We went to church--ate lunch--waiting to hear from you.  BUT thank you Brian very  much for your interesting letter/news.  It is all coming on so fast--what is next?
We rec. a very interesting letter from Don's g.son's wife, Teri.  I was so happy to hear from her--I shall pass it on.  She even sent photos.
Don's daughter-in-law sent a Christmas letter AND SHE DID NOT EVEN MENTION TO ME MY ONLY BROTHER, DON.  He cannot communicate so it would have been nice if she has written a line or two about him!!!!!!!!!
The weather is just sitting out there==cold and doing nothing else.
Larry, the Jacksonville Town Crier, is becoming quite a celebrity.
L & L , thanks for the many emails.  Need more.  gg

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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsIt is not warm here I can tell you that much.
Well, the lost has been found about an hour ago.    I saw them from a way off.  They were on the floor under the main phone.  Why they were there I will never know.  This am I did get out the ones I had before these--can get by with them but---
Awhile ago I read the Christmas mail to  Elmer dear.  I haven't sent Christmas cards for about 3 years so we are still rec. from several nice folk.  Several letters. also.
Mt. Ashland is beautiful--lots of snow.
I shall make macaroni and cheese soon.   Haven't had any for ages.
Elmer is doing quite well--at least the left leg itch is gone--hopefully the two wounds will heal now.
What happened to December--it is almost gone.
Brian, thanks for more interesting e-mails. 
Waiting to hear--hopefully it won't be long.  gg

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Friday, December 21, 2007


Where oh where are my glasses.  (I have my computer glasses) We have looked and looked and then looked some over the entire house and they are not to be found.  I had them at 7 pm and that is about it. 
Well, we had a very interesting tel. conversation.  First we talked with Helen--then with Chloe--then with Everest--then with Brian.  They are prob. not home yet.  They had been up at The Cabin for a couple of days and it has been rented so they had to leave--a family or couple???driving from Texas-told them they had never seen snow.  Well, they will see snow even before they reach The Cabin.
Brian at first was driving 5 mi. per hour in lots of snow--by the time we hung up--as they moved out of the Denver area and headed for Loveland--the traffic--bumper to bumper had thinned a bit and they were moving faster.  They live 125 mi. from Denver.
We had such a good visit with all four and they had been skiing for 2 days. 
Yesterday I saw the family from Colorado who lost their two daughters at the church shooting.  The Dad is so broken up and sad but he said his daughters are in Heaven and that he had been saved several years ago.(22 years)  He was also shot "in the belly" but has recouped.  They are moving closer to New Life  Church. They are not bitter about the shooting.
On the news today--people fighting over parking spots to go Christmas shopping--absolutely crazy and in the stores--oofta. 
Elmer dear's itchy left leg seems to be itchy no more--hopefully not tonite and then no more. 
Where are my glasses??????
Well Larry today finished his 5 days of teaching every day and now no more school until after New Years.
Keith, thank you for the wee note.  I can tell you a wee one is so much better than none at all.
Lloyd, thank you so much for the oodles of emails--I will save some of the last ones till am.   The wedding was beautiful. 
Going nite nite.  gg
Bud does not care too much about cold weather.
We had such a good visit with the Brian Smith family.  Thank you so much.  Altogether we talked about one hour. 

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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsI suppose it is about time to write a bit.
I did a few errands today and took Elmer and Bud along for the ride. 
Patties at 4.  (I really like them)
Lloyd called on his way to work this am to check on his Dad. (The itch seems to be better and we picked up the prescription today and haven't used it yet!!!!!)
Mt. Ashland opened today and they rec. a huge amount of snow last nite.  Georgeous view that we have--snow on the hi mountains all the way around us. 
Wonder what Keith is doing--not a word do we hear. 
Waiting to hear what is next for BB.
Still waiting to rec. a beautiful photo of Galena and her new haircut..  I wonder if Caedmon recognized his Mom. 
What have YOU done for your marriage today!!!!
I suppose this is enuf--since I do not have any news.  gg

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Fw: Fw: CHRISTmas letter

Subject: Fw: CHRISTmas letter



Dear Loved Ones:

As you well know, we are getting closer to My
birthday. Every year there is a celebration in My
honor and I think that this year the celebration will
be repeated. During this time there are many people
shopping for gifts, there are many radio
announcements, TV commercials, and in every part of
the world everyone is talking that My birthday is
getting closer and closer.

It is really very nice to know, that at least once a
year, some people think of Me. As you know, the
celebration of My birthday began many years ago. At
first people seemed to understand and be thankful of
all that I did for them, but in these times, no one
seems to know the reason for the celebration. Family
and friends get together and have a lot of fun, but
they don't know the meaning of the celebration.

I remember that last year there was a great feast in
My honor. The dinner table was full of delicious
foods, pastries, fruits, assorted nuts and chocolates.
The decorations were exquisite and there were many,
many beautifully wrapped gifts. But, do you want to know
something? I wasn't invited. I was the guest of honor
and they didn't remember to send Me an invitation.
The party was for Me, but when that great day came, I
was left outside, they closed the door in My
face...and I wanted to be with them and share their table.

In truth, that didn't surprise Me because in the last
few years many close their doors to Me. Since I wasn't
invited, I decided to enter the party without making
any noise. I went in and stood in a corner. They were
all drinking; there were some who were drunk and
telling jokes and laughing at everything. Then this
large man dressed in red wearing a long white beard
entered the room with a loud Ho-Ho-Ho! All the
children ran to him, saying: "Santa Claus, Santa
Claus" if the party were in his honor! Why did
they all know this man, but had no idea who I was?

At 12 Midnight all the people began to hug each
other; I extended My arms waiting for someone to hug
me you one hugged me. Suddenly
they all began to share lavish gifts. They opened them
one by one with great expectation. When all had been
opened, I looked to see if, maybe, there was one for
Me. What would you feel if on your birthday everybody
shared gifts and you did not get one? I then
understood that I was unwanted at that party and
quietly left.

Every year it gets worse. People only remember to
eat and drink, the gifts, the parties and nobody
remembers Me. I would like this Christmas that you
allow Me to enter into your life. I would like that
you recognize the fact that over two thousand years
ago I came to this world to give My life for you, on
the cross, to save you. Today, I only want that you
believe this with all your heart. I want to share
something with you. Though many didn't invite Me to
their party, I am planning My own celebration, a
grandiose party that no one has ever imagined, a
spectacular party. I'm still making the final
arrangements. Today I am sending out many invitations
and there is an invitation for you. I want to know if
you wish to attend and if you do, I will make a
reservation for you and write your name with golden
letters in My great guest book. Only those on who
respond will be admitted to the party. Those who
don't answer the invitation...or answer no, will be
left outside. Be prepared because when all is ready,
you will be part of My great party. It will be ready
before you know it.

I Love you, Jesus

PS: Please share this message with your loved
ones before Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

went and came back

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsIt has rained off and on all day--not heavy--but more now.  Heard J. had some snow.
This am we decided we had better see a Dr. today for Elmer's left leg--the left leg that had two chunks of wood fall on it on two different days.   It has been SO itchy--nite and day--so we decided we would try one of the several URGENT CARES that are in the area.  We chose the one closer to home and it is in THE WIN-CO-PARKING LOT--so we did both--bot a few things at W-CO.  They were nice and pleasnt etc at the URGENT CARE.  Got right in practically--His legs NEEDS to heal--nothing really serious--some pointers on the ITCH and what to do.  It should have healed long before this (that's what we think)--so we will see how the nite goes. 
Pastor Bob called today and we mentioned seeing Dr DeKorte and he said that he understood he is very good but it is very hard to get an appt.   So Elmer said that we had an IN--Ruby is a bit almost related.  Anyway he knows all about Dena and Burt DeKorte.  You see 37 years ago Pastor Bob and his brother up from California--met The DeKortes.  They started a church in Ashland (where they all lived) Bob and Mike lived in a pickup and DeKortes took them under their wing more or less.  Burt was a worker!!!  When they started Harvest these many years ago--Burt was in the middle of the building project etc.  In fact now there is one huge building on the grounds--called THE DEKORTE BUILDING --for socials--SS--and this and that.  Dena was a school teacher in the Medford System--of course knows Larry well.  She is about 92 and Burt died a few years ago.  And my second cousin, Carol, married a nephew of Dr. D so Carol was the one who called to get us in.  Understand????
We rec. a box from Woodinville today--not to be opened until Christmas.  Thank you much. 
I like the wee bit of rain we rec. here in our area.  I always almst forget how to use the windshield  wipers between our rains. 
Email please,  gg (Bud waited in the car)

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Almost mid-week

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsIt has warmed up--in the 50's.
We put some stcky mouse traps around here and there--not one got caught.  In the cold weather they come in someplace--have never been able to figure out just where.  Never see one but Bud is a born mouser and he so wants to catch one--he has not seen one yet.
Today we took Bud to the Groomer--just to cut the hair in his face and AROUND HIS EYES--which drives me crazy if the hair gets over his eyes.   Do not want the rest cut during cold weather.
Lloyd arrived at the Portland Airport on time last evening.  He took hundreds of photos back in Mo.  He will be more than busy. 
Elmer's left leg (the one the heavy blocks of wood hit on two different days -a few weeks ago--is about driving him crazy with ITCH.)  He even gets up during the nite to bathe the left leg in epsom salts etc and re-wrap it.  What a time.  It is itchy now so will try some epsom salts.  I get up in the nite to help him but last nite I DID NOT HEAR HIM--felt so bad.  The itch seems to be spreading.  Does anyone have any idea why it is itchy.
Snow in K.Falls.  (Ellen grew up in K. Falls and I can tell you she does not like snow.)
We had scrambled eggs at 4 or earlier--added broc. onions and cut up turkey.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsAnd a cheery good afternoon-early evening.
Larry just called and he said he hesitated about telling us but they attended another Christmas dinner yesterday. (He feels guilty) but he did add they have at least one more coming up.
Attended Harvest--home to lunch and then a quiet afternoon .  We did call Hazel Carpenter--and had a long visit.  She wanted to talk.  Her voice sounds very much like she has had a slight stroke.  She says (and has said for a few years) that Fred sleeps in his chair all day and sleeps in bed all nite--never has trouble sleeping.  She was in Three Fountains at least two different times--rehab etc. and she will never ever go there again.  She broke her hip one time and then later a bone in her back.  Her daughter and husband are in Sweden.  He took her there for her  They travel the world often--he works for the government.
Elmer says he has a dish of jello ready for me--so I had better dash.
Bud sends greetings.  Hopefully Lloyd will fly home safely tomorrow.  I am sure he will be very spoiled by now with all of the attention he is getting. 
I wonder if we still have two g.sons in Seattle.  I KNOW we have one in Colorado because we heard from him today
Nite nite.  gg

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

It is almost Sunday

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsDinner is overwith and Elmer dear just went down for a rest/nap. 
Don't say anything but I think he is almost having second thoughts about January and next year.
Rose called--then Ellen called--and that is nice. 
I wonder how Lloyd likes the weather in Missouri.  More storms are coming in the East--even more without power.
We have such mild weather compared to other areas.
We had just a very wee bit of rain during the nite and today--didn't amount to much.
Bud is a BIG eater!!!
Brian, any new news?
I think this is IT.  gg

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday already

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsThe day is about gone.
I have been thinking today--sx in January and then away we go--prob. for most of the year. Just so the sx is a complete success--at least better than the last one.
Larry called last evening--and I asked where they were and he jokingly said, Guess and I said surely you are not being entertained again at a Christmas Dinner.  They were--invited to another Christmas dinner.  This one was being held at a Hotel In J.  One invite after another!!!  This invite was by THE ASHLANDS--the rich people who bot the old school and are spending millions on it. 
We are still having cold weather--supposed to rain tomorrow so perhaps that will warm up the weather. 
This am we 3 went shopping at Win-Co.  Didn't spend $121 this time--only $60 something--much easer to take care of and put away. 
Elmer dear is mopping the kitchen floor.   He helps me so much.
It is good to have fire in the wood furnace but in the early am I snap the electric one on--that way the house warms up and Elmer can sleep a little longer.
I have the January calendar all marked--quite full--sx--lab work at the hospital--pre op appts. and post op-appts.  January will be busy.
Good nite.  GG

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

A wee but more for today

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsI have been studying what is coming up in January.  I "almost" need a secretary etc.  Appts. _many--pre-op==post op--Lab work at the Hospital--sx will be at the sx center--very nice people work there (Elmer has been a patient there) and on and on.  I do not think they think about my age.  (I already had to call  and tell them about an error they had made today). 
I knew I was spelling EPSOM WRONG.
Lloyd called about 3:30 or so as he was being whisked by car from Tulsa to Springfield--already he will be attending a Christmas Party this very nite.  To fly home on Monday.  He said there are many trees and branches down.  Helen is almost araid he might not want to come home.
This cold weather has lasted long enuf.  We have a wood furnace--thanks to Larry and his Dad.  It has ALWAYS amazed me as I have watched Elmer's mind work down thru the years and Larry was a GREAT help.  Elmer never ever bragged about how he worked problems out--but I knew.
2nd time today.  GG

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Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWell, let's see--for several nites Elmer has been unable to sleep due to the left leg with the two owies --really bad--so last nite at midnite we were up checking the leg--it has been painful and itchy around the two bruises--one is worse than the other--so I prepared the epson salts--but first I took the two big scabs off!!!!-- healed underneath --and he bathed it and bathed it--added more anti med and rewrapped it--to bed about 1 am. and he then slept like a baby only he did not wet the bed. 
The alarm was set for 5:30 am--warmed up the house----soon Elmer was up--left the house--darkish--no fog--at 7 am--headed for Dr. DeKorte--7:30 appt.  Dr. soon came in--rev. the x-rays taken last week--THE PLATE IS TOO LONG THAT IS IN THERE--about an inch too long with screws dangling--with no purpose!!!!!!  So that is causing a problem and now arthrits has set in!!  (Dr. Veri is an ankle specialist!!!!!) Ha.  I would like to talk with him.  Anyway the sx is scheduled for Jan. 15 at the Surgery Center (not the hospital). The sx appt. nurse came in and I now have an envelope full of appts. and etc.  --some to to take place before the sx on Jan. 15.  One trip will be to the hospital for lab work.  So now perhaps the ankle will be better but prob. not stable--may need a special arch support--and after the sx==back in the boot for 4 to 6 weeks or so!!!
Just think if I didn't have the above to write about I wouldn't be writing at all and you would think--that would be good. 
Came home too early to stop at the bank etc so I am now headed that way.
I covered Bud up in the car while we were in the Dr. office and he stayed covered up.
We REALLY REALLY like Dr. DeKorte--wish we had seen him in the first place.  Thanks to Carol also. (She is my second cousin--is married to a DeKorte--there are lots and lots of DeKortes. )

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fw: 'Tis still below the freezing mark BUT it is nice and warm in the house.

----- Original Message -----
From: Ruby Smith
Cc: GG
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 10:07 AM
Subject: 'Tis still below the freezing mark BUT it is nice and warm in the house.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsIt is still BOO.  The house is very nice and warm.  ELECTRIC BILL????
Larry and Linda stopped by yesterday afternoon--brot a lovely Christmas arrangement made by  the J. Garden Club (Linda is a member--she absolutely loves flowers and plants etc. (so do their deer which are not dear).  They soon left --had many errands to do.
But Larry had an appt. in Medford this am at 9 and then will come to help his Dad work on the wood furnace.  E. thinks and is planning on getting inside some way so they can reach in to the inside of the door.  Larry will try--due to the fact that his arm is longer than his Dad's
Last evening--in the dark--here came Jorene carrying an absolutely HUGE Christmas basket  from Harry and David.  She carried it up the hill--very strong from working at Boise for many years.  This is absolutely the "hugest" basket of goodies I have ever seen.  I cannot lift it.  Elmer moved it onto the dining room table.  Oh, my goodness--so much stuff. 
It looks so cozy outside--boo.
Caedmon had better hurry.  L & L had two bottom teeth at 4 1/2 mo.  I didn't even know it until I hit them with a spoon--so just when did they arrive.  They had all of the front permanent teeth before the first grade--never went without teeth.  Of course they were "trained" at 17 mo. which no one believes.  They were so easy to train.  (Of course that is not the proper way--Oh, no they must wait until they want to be trained.)  And now they are 67.
Elmer dear is downstairs getting ready for Larry.  He brot the 220 heater in from the shop to try to warm it up down there while they are working. 
We are SO excited to hear more from Brian.   We are behind him that is for sure. 
Elmer just said the plug on the heater is different than the welder plug SO he cannot plug it in. 
Stir fry tonite--teriyaki chicken.
Larry has not arrived yet.
I might write more later.  gg

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsWow, we are having cold weather--you would never know it now--the sun is shining like mad BUT it was a few degrees below 32 this am.   (and we do not have a wood furnace) but folk in the East have ice storms and they knock down the power lines so therefore NO ELECTRICITY.  How can they survive?  Every winter somewhere in the East this is what happens.
I have Elmer Dear busy in the Kitchen--combining this and that for our lite meal today.  He is the fussy one so----.  His OWIE leg itches at nite but not during the day.  The two areas are healed over but---bad injuries they were.  The ankle is about the same--sees Dr. this very Thursday at 7:30 am !!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope it isn't foggy like it was this am until about 8 am.
Bud is sleeping now--goes outside to pp and then right back in.
Larry turned down three teaching jobs yesterday--too much to do with all the other J. activities.  Then again last evening they were invited to a dinner at the J. Inn--75 present.  Honestly their gro bill must be about zero lately.  They had SALMON.
It really looks cozy outside with all of the sunshine.
VERY exciting news from Brian.
I shall go check on just what my COOK is doing.
Write soon.  GG
Lloyd flies East this Thursday--to do the wedding in Springfield, Mo.

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Monday, December 10, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsIt is freezing cold-boo!!!
Elmer dear is still downstairs trying to figure a way to reach inside the furnace.  If I know him he "will find a way"--but it means a lot of hard work.
Beef patties as soon as he comes up!!!
I did not realize Christmas was so close--what happened to the days.  So I had to get busy. 
No tel. calls so far today.
Nite,  gg

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Sunday, December 9, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsThe poor little guy--he is trying so hard to trim the tree--CHRISTMAS TREE that is.
Elmer dear is down.  I am just guessing but I wonder if Dr. D will suggest a brace???
We attended Harvest. Very good.  Pastor Bob turned 61 last Sunday.  (He is being treated for skin cancer on his face--but is still preaching etc.)
Terrible things are happening in a couple of places in Colorado.  Now they report that the killer is dead.
BTW Brian, did you and your family find and cut down a Christmas Tree?
Galena, do you realize that you are a very good girl.  Thanks so much for the email.
Larry--CONGRATULATIONS--you do look like a Town Cryer--but to tell you the truth I have never ever seen a TOWN CRYER.  It is good your old friend happened to be in J. and take the photo or have it taken--with him.  I wish we could come over to watch you--but you know the problem!!!!!
Lloyd, does Washington collect taxes on gro.?
Bud gets so sad on Sun. am when he cannot attend church.
More news tomorrow--hopefully.  I am sure Kenneth will be emailing tonite after they return home.  GG

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Saturday, December 8, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsI suppose I may as well "get my daily chore done" whether you want me to or not.
Elmer dear is having trouble with the furnace door--went down to start fire and the door would  not open and you cannot start a fire if the door will not open--this happened one time before and he thot he had it fixed--worked for awhile.  He says, "If I could only see I could fix it"   He just went down to try again.  His engineering mind will come up with something.
Last evening on Channel 12 there was such a good program- "THE LIFE OF RUTH GRAHAM"--so interesting.  She was some lady and some Christian lady.  I have read so much down thru the years about her but still it was so interesting.  The entire family took part.  I am so sorry I didn't call Larry that it was going to be on. 
Again Rose and Jim--left for the Coast yesterday--to return home on Monday.  It pays to know folk who have a huge home over there.
Well Caedmon got to go bye bye- wonder if he slept good last nite at Gpa and Gma's house in Longview. 
About 2 weeks ago I heard on the news that there was a landslide in Woodinville, Wa.  Not a word about it from Caedmon nor his parents.
Salmon at 3 or 4--sort of moving the time up it seems.
Too much snow in Colorado for me (I had enuf in Montana) but it is just the place for the young Smith family. 
Bud is taking his am nap.
Have you done ANYTHING  for your marriage today? 
Waiting to hear--I need to hear even if it is the weekend.
Larry is so busy in J. I do not understand how he knows where he is suppposed to be--where and when.
He and Linda were again invited to a dinner--the same group he took someplace--and last nite they were special guests. 
GG  (We are so glad and happy etc. that we found Dr. DeKorte



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Friday, December 7, 2007

Back Home

Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsIt was raining slightly as we left home at 7:30 on our way to see Dr. DeKorte--filled out papers--didn't wait long--Dr. came in--VERY friendly--we talked "relations" for awhile.  He is Andy D. 's son.  He mentioned John and Nan--g.parents and Burt and Dena D.  etc.  He really examined & examined and asked questions--many of them--had him walk etc.  --the girl took about 10 xrays (Dr.Veri always ordered 1 xray and that was always of the old fracture and the plate and screw--and they were doing just fine.) I think Dr. thinks there may be another small bone fracture???? But there is definitely something going on in there.   He also does toenails and asked if Elmer minded if he cut and buffed them.  What a treat!!!  He made notes on his computer constantly.  They are VERY busy in there.  His next appt. is next Thursday at 7:30 am--they are full up--otherwise it would be 2 weeks.
So thank you to Family and Carol DeKorte for rec. this very special Dr. and for getting to see him so soon.
Need to hear.  gg

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Thursday, December 6, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsWe just finished our lite dinner.  E and I made a soup.  Larry had been to a meeting in Ashland and stopped here on his way home.  I fed him lunch and he left for home while we were eating.  But we had a good visit.
It has rained very lightly today (lite as usual).
Wonder what is happening up in Washington--weatherwise that is. 
At 1 am Elmer dear had not been asleep--he actually took 2 IBUPROFEN PILLS!!!!!!  His injured leg was painful--better today!!!!
Just think if I didn't tell you about all of our owies you prob. wouldn't hear from me.  I wouldn't have anything to write about.
We plan to leave about 7:30 am tomorrow for the doc. office. 
BB, thanks so much for the email you sent from Breck.  Trust you 4 are home safe and sound by now.  Those Kidlets of yours will be out-skiing their parents soon.
Need to hear and Bud needs to hear.  GG

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon iconsElmer dear is down for the second time today--didn't sleep last nite so needed 2 naps.  This is his left leg--a chunk of wood--rolled down--2 different days--2 chunks of wood--the wounds have healed over but is seems to be sore and painful inside.  So Amber Lee came to check on him and brot some new and different bandages.  We had a good visit also.  So hopefully this will help.
The right ankle still wants to wobble or whatever.  95 next mo.
Larry called a bit ago--talked a bit --and then their dinner guests just drove up--the fellow is president of THE WOODLANDS so they should have a good visit.
Nice weather today.  My goodness, how long will it take for the flooding water to recede and what a mess it will leave behind.  I wonder if Caedmon will make it down--don't see how.  Also did Galena call her parents (new house on the coast).
Today was our  BIG dinner day--had cubed steak etc.
Yesterday when I was at Wal+Mart--Aushna--friend of Amber's--happened to be in there.  We had a very good visit--she hugged me about 3 times--she is VERY pretty--1/2 Indian.  They live in Ashland--used to go to Harvest but the First B. Church in Ashland is about 3 min. away and their little 5 yr. old son loves the S.S. Class etc. so----
Bud just went outside--but not for long.
Send news.  GG

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