Saturday, June 30, 2007

Excitement---and day 54 since sx.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsThere is much excitement around here.  We have company--only they are not here right now.
Lloyd and Helen were coming from the North and Bob Taylor and  wife were coming from the Bay Area.  they had planned to be in J.  around 5--both parties were really stuck in Friday nite traffic.  The Taylors were behind a severe accident which held them up for about 4 hours.  Anyway --what was so nice--both cars--from the North and from the South arrived at The Larrys about one minute apart--practically drove up the hill together.  They are here for the Phoenix class reunion.  So Bob and Lloyd had not seen each other in all these many years.  Bob is about 4 days younger than L & L but he looks MUCH older.  When we lived down on the hwy he lived on the same side of the hwy about 3 or 4 houses up the hwy towards Medford.  Bob's wife is from Russia and is very nice and very pretty and she is wife # 4.  Bob does some business in Russia so that is how he met Lubba.  So L & H did not arrive here until about 11:30--we went to bed about 11--but talked with them a bit when they arrived home.   
So I was up a bit later than usual this am but made a lite breakfast but they just had a drink (non alcoholic) and a dish of fruit because they would be having a dinner at the Manor.  So a bit after 10 they departed and soon I noticed that LLOYD HAD LEFT HIS CAMERA IN ONE PLACE AND THE CAMERA BAG in another place.  I hurriedly called him on his cell and guess where he was--WHERE ELSE--BUT  THE CAR WASH IN PHOENIX (he and Rose are completely nutty about washing vehicles) so luckily they turned around and came back for his much needed camera.  (I wish he would take the OLDS to the car wash. ) Folk were to start registering around 10:30 and the dinner is about noon and I can imagine how much visiting will be going on especially if folk like to visit like L & L do!!!!!!!!
To one of the lovely girls who lives in Seattle--THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE NEWSY MAIL--need I say more.  (your first name starts with a  ?)
Ron had never ever heard of blogging.  BTW--he has worked at Boise for 42 years.  He wants to quit.. They are good neighbors.
Elmer dear is writing a thank you note to a friend of L & H.  She has sent get well wishes and now she sent some very nice items for Elmer and more get well wishes.  Her name is Lynn Heston.  She attends their church.
We have about forgotten just how it is to attend church--perhaps in a few weeks.  Elmer dear will have to be 100 % w.b. He just told me he is now w.b. about 95%.   I did not realize he had advance that far. 
We shall have a lite lunch today.
The weather is GREAT for the re-union as only So. Or. summers always are. 
More about everything later from the "90 yearer" emailer and blogger. 

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 53 since sx.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsWe just finished our dinner--quite lite.
Also just rec. an email from Lloyd saying they were about to depart for Oregon and this was just before 2.
Lloyd and Helen's bed is ready for them.  They will probably just sleep here and eat breakfast here and then be on their way to J. or wherever.
I do not have much to write about--neither good nor bad and I think that might be good. 
Larry called earlier to see if we had heard from Lloyd. 
Thanks, Brian, for the "run down" again re climbing Mt. Everest.  Also need to hear the latest on your family.
I am still wondering just what g.son, Kenneth, has got me into.  Hopefully I will be able to do what he has planned for me to do.  To tell you the truth I am getting excited.  I will have Helen help me to get started.
I will close until news comes in. gg

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At the computer

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 52 (since sx)

And a cheery good evening to each and everyone.

We just finished our dinner.

We left home at 9:45 for Elmer's therapy appt. in J. My Dumpling is doing a bit better every day it seems. He is now wearing 2 shoes--first time in 4 months--certainly better than that boot. The last few days tho, he has been wearing heavy socks. Don gives him new exercises each time he sees him. He is walking better but still using the walker and will be until he can bear 100 % weight.

When we left the therapy office we stopped up at THE LARRYS. The two guys are working hard to get the tile down--but--will still have to do THE GROOVES or whatever. All appliances are out of the kitchen. It is a good thing the Co. will be dining at the Phoenix "get to gether". Dinner on Sat. and a picnic on Sunday.-- the big celebration will be held at the MANOR. They have a huge dining area and rent it out. Larry said he has spoken at "dealeys" there many times.

Fires and floods--can you imagine 20 inches of rain in 8 hours. And the horrible fire at Tahoe. I want to stay right here on our private hillside.

SO I will be waiting to hear from you. gg

Kenneth, I am excited about doing the blog--if I can do it. (I AM 90)

Kenneth called us last evening on his way home from work but first to stop at the P.Church to meet with the Youth Pastor.

Elmer dear went down for a rest and a nap.

Brian, thanks for the email that just arrived. I do not think many g.mothers ever hear from 3 g.sons like I do. Thank you.

If yesterday was DAY 13 --THEN this must be day 14.

I had better get busy. I got my patient ready for bed about 5:30 pm. He did not sleep one minute last nite. The horrible boot kept him awake. It turns out after the sx and the trip to the Dr. yesterday (assistant) the original boot was too narrow and squeezed his sx site. So he called the "boot fellow" at the doc office and he asked him to come in.

Larry taught this am and then he stopped here early afternoon (he didn't know I was trying to get ahold of him) but he came at just the right time. For some reason I was quite nervous so I was hoping Larry would be able to take him in. So the boot fellow said to come in and they did and he said the old boot was too tight and narrow and he gave him a wider one. What a relief. So since he didn't sleep all nite I put him to bed. (anyone need a second hand boot?)

There is so much news about Brian--more so around here since he was raised in Jacksonville. We are so proud of him for being persistant and making it to the top. Since he was close to death a few weeks ago and now he made it to the summit--remarkable. I would say THANKS FOR ALL THE PRAYERS THAT TOOK PLACE. Helen wishes she could be with him.

Larry and Linda are hearing from far and near and so many people know Larry especially they are getting responses from oodles of people.

Must dash. gg

We are eating lightly. Elmer does not want heavy meals but he does need to gain some weight.

45th Day

There is no more going on around here than there has been.

I am trying to do some of Elmer dear's outside work and I am not very good at it. He wishes he could do it. We are going to check with Jose to see if he can do some tree pruning.

It is 82 today.

I also opened up the barber shop for a 94 year old gentleman.

Woke up to 25 emails.

The tile layer was supposed to come last week--busy--supposed to come today--busy--will come tomorrow. It looks like L & L will be eating out with their co. this weekend.

Elmer iced his foot--painful on the bottom. PT tomorrow.

Cubed steak at 4.

Bud is sleeping.

Thanks to the g.sons who sent emails. You know who you are.

I need to install a new black cartridge in the printer.

Send news. gg

Days 50 and 51

I do not think I emailed YOU yesterday but not one soul complained which does not look very good for me.

I just finished making a little lunch for us to dine on at 4. I went to Win+Co this am and only spent $75.00. Elmer dear feels so badly that he cannot go with me to help but he does help when I arrive home which he really should not do. He is doing better--the therapy is helping. He wore that boot for four months almost so everything is stiff.

Yesterday we went to J. for the therapy. It was an early afternoon appt and I do not like p.m. appts in hot weather. Don thinks Elmer wore the boot too long but he went by the Dr.'s orders. He just now got off the bike so he is quite busy with his many leg and foot exercises.

Yesterday Larry was on the Trolley in J. most of the day--telling (like only Larry can do) the visitors all about J. They are having a time with their kitchen floor. The tile man is supposed to be laying tile today but I do not know if he showed. He was to start on Monday. The guys did get the floor heating in plus other stuff. But Larry and Linda are so concerned about getting their house in order for this weekend with co. coming and the big Phoenix class reunion. The stove, table, fridge etc. are sitting/setting any place but not in the kitchen. The Taylors will arrive on Friday!!!!

I have it much easier now with Elmer dear being able to dress himself. I did it for a long time--including that boot.

Thanks BB so much for sending the news about your coming home party. And wow, you are having hot weather but that is much better than the horrible floods in Texas and Ok and the horrible fires at Tahoe. We are so thankful we live right here!!!!!

We are looking forward to seeing Lloyd and Helen this weekend. They will sleep here but that is about all because of the Phoenix Hi Ann.

Waiting to hear. gg