Thursday, January 10, 2008

I will make an attempt



This must about day 5 or so.


Monday when I tried to get out of bed.  I could not bear any weight on my left foot/'twas perhaps a bit swollen. Larry came after his many obligation to help

Tuesday was the same.  Larry came to help.

Wed. the ankle was more swollen but I could bear wt. Larry came to help--teaching most every day. About 3 or so Ethie Zornes and the two girls came and brought enuf dinner for us and Larry.  That was very nice and it was very good and we are very thankful. They also brot greetings.

Thursday--still not dressed so far this week.  Chris Zornes came on his way to work at the sheriff office,  Larry just called --to see if we needed anything--taught this am--so he is on his way over. He will pick up our mail. 

I think I will just quit for now.  Love you.  GG

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