Sunday, January 6, 2008

Another good day.

Upgrade your email with 1000's of cool animationsOur  sons are so good to us and we really appreciate them.  Lloyd even called  at THE ROOSTER where / while we wer eating.  Ethel had called him because she couldn't get ahold of us and The Larrys were not home because we were with them so Ethel called Lloyd and he tracked us down there.  BTW Ethel said the tel rang 4 times and quit and the ans. machine doesn't work she said so nothing works.  Now Ethel just called--needed to know if we  were o.k,  She hadn't rec. much mail from me recently.  I sort of let it pile up and I mailed a big fat envelope on Friday so they should be hearing.  I think they are worried about their brother.  She did tell Lloyd that she and Fay and Ray really enjoy my letters!!!
Again I say that I hate tatoos.
We went to Harvest--guest speaker--rather hear Pastor Bob.
It seems to be cold here everyday and I am anxious for warmer weather--cannot be too soon.  But we are not smothered in snow like some areas. 
Larry and Linda came here to pick us up. 
Tomorrow or Tuesday we start the next journey.  This will be a quickie at the Hosp. for Lab Work--then more appts. later in the week. 
Kenneth, did you make it home?  Tell us about that visit with Galena's parents.
Caedmon is neglecting GG and GG.
Buddy was all alone all day--very lonesome.
Probably talk tomorrow. gg

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